Based on a vision that the kitchen should be a beautiful piece of the room’s furniture, we design handmade kitchens with a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Below, we show you 10 handmade solutions that tidy up your kitchen drawers.

Håndlavet Multiform skuffeindretning i massiv eg til dine køkkenskuffer

The handmade drawers with classic dovetail joints are manufactured in maple, oak or black stained oak with either a pastel grey or black base.

The top drawer in the Form 2 carpenter’s kitchen with three equal-sized fronts is fitted with two low kitchen drawers. One holds the smaller items such as muffin trays and spoons, and the other has long compartments with space for a rolling pin and baking paper.

Indret dine køkkenskuffer med lange rum og få plads til kagerulle og bagepapir

This kitchen drawer is split into four square compartments that make it easy to see exactly where things are, whether you’re using it for pots and pans or storage glasses with pasta, pizza flour and plant-based protein products. The rubber mat is available in grey and black and ensures that things stay in place and do not slip around in the drawer.

Opdel køkkenskufferne i mindre rum og få styr på gryder og kolonialvarer

You use the sink every time you peel and slice fruit and vegetables. This makes it extremely practical to have a kitchen drawer with knives, clean cloths and tea towels near the sink. By dividing up the drawer and including a knife insert, you can easily organise its contents.

En praktisk løsning til skuffen tæt på køkkenvasken

Every single kitchen drawer can be designed exactly as you want, which means that you can also choose a solution with long compartments at the bottom and a drawer without divisions at the top. This provides space for storing items such as cutting boards and other larger items in the drawer.

Håndlavede køkkenskuffer i sort eg

Handcrafted drawer interiors

The monolithic Form 45 kitchen island is cut from one single, huge piece of wood. The minimalist design is emphasised by the two equal-sized fronts. Behind the aesthetic exterior are plenty of functional interior design solutions.

We handcraft all our interiors for your drawers, and we’re happy to design them so they fit exactly with your storage ideas for the drawers. Note the detail of the loose tray in the drawer. This is ideal for storing spices, for example, and you can place the tray next to the hob for cooking. You have everything you need at your fingertips.

Extra deep drawers

All kitchen drawers are handmade by Multiform using true cabinetmaker’s skills at the Kibæk joinery. The maple wood for the handmade drawers comes from a small, family-run sawmill in Austria and is harvested exclusively from European forests. To achieve the lightest colour and most uniform structure, the wood used for Multiform’s drawers is felled only during a few weeks of the year, following a period of frost.

Ekstra dybe køkkenskuffer giver masser af opbevaringsplads i dit køkken

The extra deep drawers provide plenty of storage space in your kitchen. The drawer bottom is made of 3 mm compact laminate that is resistant to scratches and is secured in a groove in the sides of the drawer. It’s a strong and beautiful solution that lasts for generations.

Setting the table

If you have a kitchen island, it’s practical to keep the items you use for setting the table on the side facing the dining table. Here, dinnerware and tablecloths are stored in a 100 cm-wide cupboard with three pull-out trays. This makes everything easy to find when setting the table.

Waste sorting

Six out of 10 of us would like to sort more waste, and in two years all EU countries will handle and collect food waste. This is why Multiform has now developed a number of environmentally friendly waste systems for the kitchen, where up to 10 different types of waste can be sorted.

Multiform har udviklet en række affaldssorteringssystemer til dine køkkenskuffer