It took two years for Jesper and Karin Therkildsen to transform a run-down backyard house in Fredericia into a dream of a home. The backyard house had been derelict since the end of the noughties when architect Jesper Therkildsen and his wife took it over and created a dream residence.

Jesper and Karin’s large bathroom, which is adjacent to the bedroom, is now a full 24 square metres of wellness and everyday joy.

As the backyard house lies on a boundary line, windows cannot be fitted at the back of the house. This opened up a whole new array of interior design opportunities, including the extra large bathroom and walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom.

The tall oak cabinets are from Multiform’s classic Form 1 series, which was designed by Carsten Michelsen in 1982.

The taps from Vola are wall-mounted, and Jesper did the painstaking work of carefully removing the original brickwork and replacing it afterwards himself.

En-suite master bedroom and bathroom in the former warehouse in Denmark

The bedroom is adjacent to the 24 square metre bathroom

Jesper and Karin have access to a small covered terrace from the bedroom, while the end wall is dedicated to a large walk-in wardrobe. The glass doors are yet another of the elegant details that help raise the bar for the design in the house.

The architect's own bathroom has been fitted out with the design classic Form 1 in oak.

Raw brickwork and a wooden bench packed with history

“All the way through it’s been about accentuating the contrasts, as this is where the exciting stuff happens.”

Jesper Therkildsen,

Lighting should be an experience

“Lighting is a huge part of the house and should be just as big an experience as everything else. I design and build joie de vivre, and I believe that you become a happier person if your home is an aesthetic experience,” says Jesper Therkildsen.

Lighting details