There are properties that you simply know are right at first glance, because they are so full of possibilities. That was the case when Rikke Berg, owner of Multiform Odense, found her family’s new home in the attractive Hunderup neighborhood of Odense.

The white patrician’s villa sits against a backdrop of lime trees and the interior showcases Rikke’s exquisite sense for aesthetics, functionality, and character. Here the kitchen is not only a place to cook but also the family’s favorite room and natural gathering point – even when there are guests.

I skyggen under lindetræerne ligger den hvide patriciervilla, som Rikke Berg, der er indehaver af Multiform Odense, har indrettet med udpræget sans for æstetik og personlige løsninger.
What kitchen trends are you currently noticing?

– Just like many other aspects of life, there is now a great focus on sustainability and respect for nature when it comes to our kitchens. We want a kitchen that will last for many years and this influences the choice of materials. We prioritise long-term, classic solutions, beautiful natural materials and warm colours. The colour white is replaced by grey tones and combined with natural materials in both wood and different types of stone, which is used for worktops, for example.

 Rikke has designed her own home with a Form 2 kitchen in a shade of warm grey, burnished brass and beautiful Pietra Grey marble worktops that capture the brown colours of the vintage cutting boards and rustic jars from Tine K Home and Rue Verte.

Which kitchen worktop is your favourite?

- My personal favourite among the many beautiful worktops is natural stone, where the colours and expressions differ from stone to stone. You're guaranteed a completely unique stone that gives your kitchen its own personality since no one else will have a worktop that's exactly the same. I think that's a very nice touch to have in your kitchen.

In my own kitchen, I've combined a Pietra Grey marble worktop with beautiful grey-brown colour and white flecks with a brass sink and Quooker tap – also in brass.

Rikke Berg, indehaver af Multiform Odense, har indrettet sit eget hjem med et Form 2 køkken i en varm grå nuance, bruneret messing og smukke Pietra Grey marmorbordplader.
What could you absolutely not do without in your kitchen?

- I cannot do without my combi-steam oven from Gaggenau, which we always use when we want to be sure that our meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables are cooked perfectly. In addition, I would have a hard time doing without my Quooker, which reduces cooking to half the time of what it would normally take. The Quooker is also perfect for cleaning cutting boards and the good knives that cannot be put in the dishwasher.

What is the greatest luxury in your kitchen?

- Our wine cooler, which has been fantastic in the summer and made the summer evenings on the terrace extra cozy. With the wine cooler, we always have a glass of cold rosé for expected as well as unexpected guests.

Three important tips from Rikke Berg for your kitchen
  1. It's important to think about what really fulfills YOUR kitchen dream. Should there be room for family and guests to gather in the kitchen around cooking along with a glass of good wine and pleasant conversation? Maybe a wall needs to be moved to make your kitchen dream come true? A more open-plan kitchen provides space for the whole family as well as guests.
  2. I always recommend a good workplace around the kitchen sink. It gives you the best possible basis to enjoy cooking 10 percent more and at the same time, you can easily keep the worktop clean and tidy around you. Think also about drawer widths so you don't have to move you if there are two of you working in the kitchen and the other person needs to be able to get into the drawers.
  3. Think carefully about your budget to ensure you get done exactly what you want. Often it's the worktops and appliances that lead to cost overruns, and suddenly you don't have the budget for what you actually wanted most in a new kitchen.