When the clients first came to Britt Helen Melbye Gonzalez at Multiform Bergen, she quickly realised that these were people who devoted a great deal of time to interior design and knew what they liked and what they didn’t. They already had a lovely home that they now wanted to sell, in order to completely renovate a top-floor apartment with loft, according to their tastes and to their requirements. “The job largely involved illustrating their thoughts and ideas. Tweaking their design and getting everything to work within the framework that we had. It was a wonderful journey to go on with them, and nothing can beat the feeling of walking into the clients’ home to see that the apartment in Haugeveien in Nordnes in Bergen has become unmistakeably theirs. It was great to see that they were bold enough to use colours and textures. They have brought together a variety of styles, which gives their home an absolutely unique identity,” says Britt Helen of Multiform Bergen. Take a closer look at bohemian living in Bergen.

What was important to you when deciding to invest in a new kitchen?

“Quality, design and good chemistry with the designer were important to us when we chose the new kitchen. We wanted a kitchen that would feel like a piece of furniture, like the furniture in the rest of the interior in our open-plan kitchen/living room space,” explain Mette and Atle.

What do you think characterises a good kitchen?

“Again, we would say quality and design. You can see that Multiform have paid a great deal of attention to the lines in their kitchen, and that they spent time on developing the components, choosing the materials and on surface treatments. As well as the actual details in the drawers, we have the fact that they feel like the drawers in a piece of furniture and not like kitchen drawers,” says Atle.

Form 6 kjøkken i sort eik designet av Britt Helen Melbye Gonzalez, Multiform Bergen
Why did you choose a kitchen from Multiform?

“We visited several of Multiform’s competitors, but were not convinced that their style was right for our home. We felt that we could work well with Britt, and she provided us with sketches and realistic graphics throughout the process. It was important to be able to think innovatively with someone and get to see the ideas as we developed them. Visualising ideas and designs was the deciding factor when we decided to go for a Multiform kitchen, along with the expression itself. The kitchen had to be practical, and it also had to fit in with the rest of our interiors. We wanted a kitchen that would be durable and able to withstand daily use, and that would still look beautiful after many years of use,” explains Mette.

Håndlaget snekkerkjøkken i svart eik designet af Britt Helen Melbye Gonzalez, Multiform Bergen
How would you describe the process, from concept to finished product?

“We had a lot of great team meetings with Multiform Bergen and were able to spend time maturing the concepts as we went. We needed time to find the right solution, partly because the apartment conversion was in a phase when not everything had been decided. So we needed to be able to look at some slightly different options, and the whole project matured together. We had some brainstorming sessions, working together to make sure that our thoughts and ideas worked within the framework of what was practically possible”, said Atle. “We received great service and a superb design, with a focus on quality, and a person who listened to our thoughts and ideas.”

How did your new kitchen turn out?

“Extremely well! We are very happy with the final result. It has become a kitchen that was designed around us, how we work as a family, and what we like in terms of design, textures, form and colour. Absolutely unique and very much us,” conclude Mette and Atle.

Many of the interior features were bought from ‘Hjem kjære Hjem’. See more on www.hkhas.no. Photographer Erin Helland, www.luminate.no