For many years, kitchen trends have been characterised by “less is more” – simple materials, few colours and smooth surfaces. But this has slowly started to change. Customers are looking for more vibrancy and designs that tell a story.

Sustainability influences the choice of worktop

Multiform is the epitome of exclusive handmade kitchens and everything is manufactured by experienced cabinetmakers in Denmark. Just like many other aspects of life, there is now a great focus on sustainability when it comes to our kitchens. We want a kitchen that will last for many years and this influences the choice of materials. We prioritise long-term, classic solutions and beautiful natural materials. It has become popular to combine natural stone worktops with wood and brass and to mix metals such as steel, bronze and gold.

A new trend we will see is simple basic designs injected with wild and expressive natural elements. “I have seen some trends in Paris and Milan, for example, in which they are looking back to the art deco and art nouveau periods, mixing materials, patterns and textures. We translate this into our kitchen design, in which for example we mix smoked oak with walnut and add a mottled granite worktop. Or we combine light porcelain with bronze and a fantastic blue-toned quartzite worktop. It may sound chaotic but it is about ensuring that the tones match – when the basic design is streamlined it can end up extremely beautiful,” explains Piet Rose, architect and owner of Multiform Lyngby.

An exotic play of colours

Brazilian quartzite worktops are more durable than marble and add an exotic play of colour to a streamlined Scandinavian kitchen design. Quartzite worktops are scratch-resistant and resistant to acids from e.g. citrus juices, vinegars and other common acids used in the kitchen.

Granite worktops with a non-homogeneous grain can provide the same beautiful play of colours in the kitchen. It can be dramatic and strong at one end of the worktop, yet more even and mellow at the other end. This adds life to the kitchen and invites a variety of functions.

The interior architects at Multiform are ready to advise you about the various options available when you are selecting a worktop for your new kitchen. This applies to both the useful qualities and the aesthetic appearance. Book a meeting with us now.