Hand-crafted drawers

I’m proud to make drawers with a standard of craftsmanship that I know makes our customers happy every day for years on end.

All of Multiform’s kitchen drawers are hand-crafted in line with classic woodworking principles at the workshop in Denmark, made to an uncompromising standard and with great love for the workmanship and materials that go into the process. Multiform’s woodworkers cut so-called dovetails in each end of the drawers' solid wood sides so they can be precisely assembled with strong, beautiful joints that feel silky-smooth to the touch.

I always handpick the wood myself before making a drawer. I look for the right colours and the properties of each individual piece of wood.

Hand-crafted luxury

Maple has traditionally been the most commonly used material for kitchen drawers because it does not give off any kind of taste to the food items kept in drawers.

The wood for Multiform’s kitchen drawers comes from a small, family-operated sawmill in Austria and is exclusively sourced from European countries. In order to obtain the lightest colour and most uniform structure, the maple trees are only harvested for a few weeks a year, following a period of extended frost.

For three generations, the sawmill has supplied materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality, and the pride and joy they have in their work is unmistakeable.

When you combine a sawmill’s traditional processing methods with modern production techniques, what you get is a number of unique opportunities to create genuine quality.

Multiform has recently begun to sell handmade drawers from oak and black-stained oak in the same simple, classic style and same uncompromising quality.

The drawer bottoms are made from 3 mm pastel grey or black compact laminate fixed within a groove in the drawer sides. It is difficult to imagine a more robust product than that.

The veneers I select gradually transition from their darkest shade to the left to their lightest on the right. That’s my signature.
Günther Wesemann,
Multiform’s veneer specialist

The joy lies in creating
the elaborate details

Our specialists only select the veneer that matches perfectly with your kitchen. This gives each and every kitchen a personal, unique touch, where the crafter’s passion is incorporated into your kitchen. You get a unique veneer composition and individual look that is yours alone.

Each and every detail matters to us. A Multiform kitchen is hand-crafted in line with traditional principles and with an understanding for the best possible way to use each material. The result is uncompromising quality.

Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter cut veneer and grainier flat cut veneer.

When crafting our design classic, Form 1, we create the beautiful, uniform look by fixing top-quality veneer on top of solid wood. It is a detail that demands the highest quality of craftsmanship and carefully selected quarter cut veneer.

As one of the few kitchen fitting manufacturers in Denmark, Multiform can ensure that your flat cut veneer kitchen has a gorgeous, consistent appearance.

As an extra service, Multiform stores an extra layer of veneer for at least a year in the event that damage should occur to a drawer, for instance. This ensures that we can recreate an entirely identical veneer on a new drawer if necessary.


Danish traditions
World class execution

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