…or pesce all’isolana. We give you the recipe for a tasty fish dish – with the kind of simple, fresh raw ingredients the Italian kitchen is famous for – and with good reason.

We follow chef Giovanni on a shopping trip to the delightful specialist food boutiques in Lucca and then home on his bike to the kitchen in Villa Pacini, which has been transformed from a classic Tuscan home into an exclusive gastronomy and cycling destination.

Giovanni bought fresh gilt-head bream at the local fishmongers and the season’s vegetables at the greengrocers, who Giovanni needed to have a chat with.

The most important ingredient is the fish, about which Giovanni says: “Always choose the freshest fish – this means you only need to gut it, salt it and stuff it with a couple of slices of lemon and then place the fish on a base of seasonal vegetables.”

Gilt-head bream – Pesce all’isolana

For this recipe you will need gilt-head bream, leeks, courgette, tomatoes, potatoes and a pinch of chilli and salt. You can also add some lovely Tuscan olives for a delicious extra touch.

Rinse and chop all the vegetables and then pour olive oil over them. Fold them into the oil and place in the oven. Allow to cook for about 20 minutes before placing the fish on top and baking for a further 15 minutes.

Bon appetit.