Form 1 – an iconic design classic

In Denmark we have a unique design tradition of furniture created by qualified interior designers that is beautiful and functional and with a durability that can last for several generations. Masters like Arne Jacobsen, Hans Jørgen Wegner and Poul Kjærholm created furniture classics which are still a fixture in Danish homes 60-70 years later. When Multiform’s founder Carsten Michelsen designed the Form 1 kitchen in 1982, he took his cue from these traditions and created a carpenter’s kitchen that is now considered a classic with its simple, timeless expression and solid and uncompromising craftsmanship.

When Carsten Michelsen designed Form 1, it was essential for him to unite the simplicity in the design with a resilience in the materials and craftsmanship. The aim was to create a carpenter’s kitchen that could last an entire lifetime. The solid wood front frame gives the edges of the Form 1 cabinets additional strength. The visible wooden frame also gives the furniture exactly that expression Carsten Michelsen was looking for. The Form 1 kitchen is now available in a great variety of exclusive wood types and materials, all of them selected and machined down to the most minute detail.


“We create exceptional homes that form the perfect framework for your life – every single day.”

Carsten Michelsen,

Inspiration for your handcrafted kitchen

When building a home for their family near the Danish west coast, Annie and Per did not go for standard solutions. They wanted a kitchen that was not only highly functional, but also a pleasure to live in. A floating black kitchen island is the centre of a spacious kitchen where the appliances are elegantly hidden behind pocket doors. A combination of form and function that creates not just a great kitchen, but also a timeless piece of furniture.
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A contemporary kitchen in the countryside

The iconic Form 1 kitchen island in smoked oak is the focal point of the 60 square meter kitchen-dining room at Henrik Smit, the winner of Maddysten 2020. Inspired by the traditional countryside kitchens Henrik and Anne Marie choose open shelves, but without compromising on the clean lines that they prefer. Click on the photo to have a closer look at the contemporary countryside home.
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A new take on a kitchen classic

Experience a new take on a kitchen classic. Colours are playing an increasing role when it comes to interior design and, at Multiform, you can find a handmade kitchen that combines timeless design with a sophisticated choice of colour.

Handcrafted kitchen in uncompromising quality

We use only the most uncompromising materials, carefully selected and treated by experts. Created with respect for the aesthetics of the original design, the Form 1 series is now available in a number of new wood types and colours.


Form 1 is our core product and the very DNA of Multiform. To achieve the beautiful, uniform appearance of the design classic, Form 1, we lay the finest quality veneer on top of the solid wood. The solid wood is naturally uneven in colour and texture, and without the veneer the result would be very variegated.


Black oak

Colored oak


Smoked oak




Dark grey



Pastel gray

Chalk White

Off white


St. Paul Blue



Produced by combining paper and resin and subsequently pressing layers together under high pressure and heat. Laminate is extremely stable, and highly resistant to impact, wear, humidity and water.

Chalk White

Off white

Pastel grey




Fenix laminate

FENIX NTM® is an innovative material for interior design: a smart, extremely matt, anti-fingerprint, very resistant, soft touch surface. FENIX NTM is hygienic and easy to clean. Opaque anti-fingerprint surface. It has antistatic properties – therefore it does not attract dust – and significantly reduces the bacterial load making.

Bianco Kos

Castoro Ottowa

Grigio Londra

Beige Luxor

Nero Ingo

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Efeso

Grigio Antrim


ABOUT Form 1 is Multiform’s first original wooden kitchen. With its iconic expression, the kitchen symbolises the unique aesthetics and high quality that characterises our work. Form 1 was designed in Denmark in 1982 and is the result of Carsten Michelsen’s vision of creating an elegant, classic and timeless kitchen from uncompromising materials. Today Form 1 is seen as a modern Danish design classic, and the recognisable style is available in a great many solutions for the entire home. The combination of traditional carpenter’s craftsmanship and a sense for even the smallest details means that Form 1 is designed and built to last an entire lifetime.
MATERIALS Veneer: Quarter cut
Sycamore maple, walnut, oak, black oak, colour stained oak, smoked oak, laminate with wooden edge, Fenix with wooden edge and painted gloss 25
DESIGN Carsten Michelsen, 1982
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