Form 2 – a thoroughly minimalist kitchen

Form 2 is a thoroughly minimalist kitchen. It’s minimalism at its most beautiful and sets the agenda for the future. When Carsten Michelsen designed Form 2 in 1997, it was based on a desire to design a genuinely minimalist kitchen. With Form 2 he defined how a beautiful and stylish kitchen can complement the stylish home.

Form 2 has long since become a classic that transcends time. A time in which many of us cultivate a classic and timeless design that lasts for generations. Totally in line with sustainable thinking.

The clean expression of Form 2 is emphasized by the handleless design. If you choose Form 2 in one of the many types of wood, the beautiful sweeping grain contributes to the tranquillity and clean lines. Form 2 can be manufactured with several different surfaces, including exclusive metal surfaces. Maybe you’ll choose to have a kitchen island or a section of cabinets made of brass or steel? Metal surfaces provide the kitchen with a unique, minimalist look.

“A kitchen is not only about practicality and functionality. It’s also about the daily enjoyment.”

Carsten Michelsen,

Minimalist ocean views

“We went for a simple kitchen that also stood out enough as a piece of furniture in the room,” say the architect couple who have built a minimalist home from concrete at the edge of Flensborg fjord. They ended up choosing the black Form 2 kitchen from Multiform, which stands out beautifully against the concrete walls and solid oak floors.
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A minimalistic kitchen in the concrete home at the edge of Flensborg Fjord

Minimalist simplicity in a classic setting

The listed building had been used for offices for the past 50 years, and it took four years of restoration work to adapt a classical framework to modern family life. The family has chosen a specially designed Form 2 hand-crafted kitchen and iconic Danish furniture classics that create an almost minimalist simplicity and contrast with the property’s original details.
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Your kitchen is a living space

Your kitchen’s not just a kitchen – it’s a living space. A room that has been made especially for you and your family. A place where you can enjoy life in the company of each other and guests. We are specialists in designing open kitchens with elegant pocket doors, which make it possible to close off the kitchen when you’ve finished using it. In an instant, your kitchen is transformed into an iconic furniture design: two very different atmospheres created from one design.

Inspiration for a minimalist kitchen

Join us inside the former psychologist’s clinic on the outskirts of Copenhagen, which has been transformed into a home with plenty of living space, beautiful architectural details and a black kitchen with an understated yet distinct expression. Experience the old patrician’s villa in Odense, which Rikke Berg has transformed with a charming kitchen in grey and marble. And join us at the lakeside home with a bespoke kitchen made of stainless steel.

Minimalist kitchen in uncompromising quality

We use only the most uncompromising materials, carefully selected and treated by experts. Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter cut veneer and flat cut veneer that follows the wood grain in the Form 2 series.



Black oak

Colored oak


Smoked oak



Multiform’s varnishing specialists hand-varnish the surfaces using the strongest varnish available on the market, which is finished with a coat of clear varnish to minimise the risk of scratches and marks from e.g. belt buckles.


Dark grey



Pastel gray

Chalk White

Polar White

Off white


St. Pauls Blue



Produced by combining paper and resin and subsequently pressing layers together under high pressure and heat. Laminate is extremely stable, and highly resistant to impact, wear, humidity and water.

Chalk White

Off white

Pastel gray




Fenix laminate

FENIX NTM® is an innovative material for interior design: a smart, extremely matt, anti-fingerprint, very resistant, soft touch surface. FENIX NTM is hygienic and easy to clean. Opaque anti-fingerprint surface. It has antistatic properties – therefore it does not attract dust – and significantly reduces the bacterial load making.

Bianco Kos

Castoro Ottowa

Grigio Londra

Beige Luxor

Nero Ingo

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Efeso

Grigio Antrim



Curled steel


Blackened steel


ABOUT In 1997, Carsten Michelsen designed Form 2 based on a vision of creating a simple, minimalistic kitchen – long before minimalism was a concept in kitchen design. The shape may be new, but the quality and the values are familiar from Multiform’s classic Form 1 kitchen.
MATERIALS Veneer: Flat cut or quarter cut
Form 2 VG/VK: Maple, oak, black oak, walnut, smoked oak, laminate with wooden edge, painted high gloss, painted gloss 25.
Form 2 LK: Black stained oak, laminate with wooden edge, Fenix with wooden edge, painted high gloss, painted gloss 25, steel and brass
DESIGN Carsten Michelsen, 1997
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