Mørkegråt Form 6 designkøkken i arkitekttegnet landejendom.

Form 6 – design kitchen with character

Form 6 is the embodiment of simplicity and plays with asymmetry to highlight its minimalist design. Here, proud carpentry traditions are united with contemporary design. We honour the broken lines, because they are simultaneously innovative and classic.

The design is made up of visible middle strips that act as grips. It’s simple yet beautiful – visual perfection.

We can offer you a variety of wood types and surfaces that make it possible to create individual solutions that match your home’s architecture. We don’t consider kitchen design as something separate here at Multiform. Today the kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why it’s about integrating the kitchen completely into the rest of the living space.

“With Form 6, we continue the proud traditions of uniting solid carpentry with contemporary design.”

Dorte Brandt,

Modern country living

The original farmhouse was a low-ceilinged building from the 1800s that had been extended several times. The interior was outdated and it was in a state that meant there was little point in investing in further renovations. The modern country property now has particular focus on good materials, both inside and out.
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Landejendommen i Nordjylland er tegnet af arkitekterne N+P Arkitektur

A new design kitchen in the patrician’s villa

The patrician’s villa in the Hunderup quarter of Odense is uniquely situated, with views directly over Odense ZOO’s savannah area, where giraffes and zebras graze right on the other side of the fence at the bottom of the garden. In this home modern design is combined with organic materials, textiles and shades of brown, grey and soft pink.
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Den gamle patricervilla i Odense har fået et nyt Form 6 designkøkken fra Multiform

Get inspired for your design kitchen

In straight rows, the terraced houses of Copenhagen’s ‘Kartoffelrækkerne’ stand out with their pointed gables and Gothic-inspired architecture. Come inside the house, which is furnished with a Form 6 kitchen produced completely in white. Experience the patrician villa in Odense’s Hunderup neighbourhood with views of zebras and giraffes – and join us inside the old shipyard The Old Yard, which is at the edge of Aalborg harbour.

Design kitchen in uncompromising quality

We use only the most uncompromising materials, carefully selected and treated by experts. Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter cut veneer and flat cut veneer that follows the wood grain in the Form 6 series.


Black oak

Colored oak



Smoked oak



Multiform’s varnishing specialists hand-varnish the surfaces using the strongest varnish available on the market, which is finished with a coat of clear varnish to minimise the risk of scratches and marks from e.g. belt buckles.


Dark grey



Pastel gray

Chalk white

Polar white

Off white


St. Pauls Blue


Fenix laminate

FENIX NTM® is an innovative material for interior design: a smart, extremely matt, anti-fingerprint, very resistant, soft touch surface. FENIX NTM is hygienic and easy to clean. Opaque anti-fingerprint surface. It has antistatic properties – therefore it does not attract dust – and significantly reduces the bacterial load making.

Bianco Kos

Castoro Ottowa

Grigio Londra

Beige Luxor

Nero Ingo

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Efeso

Grigio Antrim


ABOUT With Form 6, we continue the proud traditions of uniting solid carpentry with contemporary design. We pay homage to beautiful asymmetry and play with broken lines in the kitchen.
MATERIALS Veneer: Quarter cut
Black oak, smoked oak, cracked oak, burned ebano, painted polar white, white high gloss and painted gloss 25.
DESIGN Dorte Brandt, 2009
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