Just an hour’s drive north of Copenhagen, you will find the most stunning green meadow with grazing cows and wild flowers. This meadow in exactly this area of outstanding natural beauty was what Lone Kristensen and her family fell in love with. They dreamt about living somewhere with spectacular views where they could experience the seasons changing up close. The dream has now become reality and the family is living in a modern 450 square metre home split across two floors and designed by architect Danko Lekic.

The house has been tailored for the site and is therefore completely unique. Danko Lekic has designed the house as a cluster of units of varying heights that are also offset at the different levels. The specific proportions of the home, the large black-barred windows and the extremely light stonework are reminiscent of the industrial building style of New York, which was also one of the sources of inspiration for the family. Internally, there is also a New York loft atmosphere, with the light and black contrasts and an oversized herringbone floor made from solid oak. No expense has been spared when it comes to extraordinary details such as a specially designed entrance door measuring 280 x 240 cm and the wine cellar which has views of the sky through the pantry.

A perfect match

From the start, the family had a number of ideas and desires when it came to their future home and they wanted to collaborate closely with a talented architect who would listen, challenge them and give them something extra that they had not already thought about. The architect would not simply be designing a house that he liked, but would also ensure that the final house would fulfil the dreams of the family. In a bidding round that included three other architects, Danko Lekic turned out to be the perfect match for the family. This was partly because he had the same immediate excitement for the unique prospects as the family and partly because he immediately said that he would not present an idea straight away but that he would get back to them with a few considered proposals which the family could get behind.

Et spektakulært viktualierum med kig fra kælderen til himlen.

“After our initial meeting, I delivered three different possible directions for a modern home and, based on the proposals, the family chose to proceed with one of them. I often present several different possible directions when I work. They form the basis for seeking out and specifying needs and desires, as I do not consider a simple solution to be right at an early stage. In addition to fulfilling the practical needs and desires of the family, I also wanted to deliver something extra, something they had not anticipated.

“The family’s style was well defined from the very start, in part because they had already sent me all of their Pinterest inspiration boards. They had a vast number of ideas and thoughts and my task was to create structure and find a common denominator from the many images. I already knew that I would be designing a house for happy people who are quality-conscious, like to entertain and are very social. We had ongoing discussions about aesthetics throughout the entire process and what that meant in relation to finances and the square footage available,” explains Danko Lekic.

“We fell in love with the meadow, the grazing cows and the wild flowers.”

Lone Kristensen, Owner

Det arkitekttegnede hus fik et sort køkken som centrum i den arkitekttegnede villa i Nordsjælland
A sculptural element in the room

With three potential homes to consider, the family set off on a three-week holiday, during which they entered into intensive correspondence with Danko Lekic. They already had several clear desires for the property but were also positively surprised by Danko Lekic’s additions, which arose as a result of the great chemistry and dialogue. There would be a covered terrace and the front of the house would be facing the stunning meadows. The home would also have a central focus to host large and small parties and where it would be possible for 16 people to eat without having to move furniture around.

The black handmade Multiform kitchen takes pride of place as a sculptural element in the large space and fits perfectly with the simple, modern style of the property. The kitchen was designed together with Charlotte Brix, Multiform Hillerød. As a special detail, the family integrated a narrow sink into the black granite worktop. This is the ideal solution for storing herbs for everyday use and for keeping drinks cold when the family entertains. The tall cabinets house Gaggenau white goods and also act as dividers in the large space, elegantly hiding the stairs down to the basement.

Et helt sort køkken står som et skulpturelt møbel i den newyork-inspirerede bolig i Nordsjælland
“The industrial building style of New Yorks was a source of inspiration for us.”

Lone Kristensen, Owner

The property was shown in BO BEDRE in October 2019. Architect: Danko Lekic, Black Architecture. Text: Lone Monna and Multiform. Styling: Lone Kristensen. Photo: The Odd Society and Pernille Greve.