The old administration building from 1934 is both historic and a piece of architectural heritage, and the unique properties overlooking Vejle Fjord are now new exceptional private homes.

Martin first lived in an apartment in one of the other old buildings until he had the opportunity to buy half of the historic administration building. The sale covered 420 square metres of historic space, but also small rooms and winding, narrow stairways. Join us on a tour inside one of them, where the fjord and the area’s old oak and beech trees have proved a huge inspiration.

Køkken fra Multiform i sort eg.

Outside, all of the original and listed details of the house have been retained. This includes the dark blue front door, which is characteristic of the area. “I really gave it a lot of thought when I started renovating, because there were so many fine details that I didn’t want to ruin, but at the same time I couldn’t live with all the small rooms and stairs. I focused on getting as much light in as possible, so I made the rooms as large as I could. Back then it was just myself, so it was a bit of an egoist’s home that I was renovating,” Martin explains.

Fascinated by the fjord and the large beech and oak trees in the area, Martin has extended this mood inside with oak herringbone flooring, Danish furniture classics and a handmade Multiform kitchen in black oak. The Form 6 kitchen was designed by Per Larsen, Multiform Horsens.

Et køkken med masser af opbevaringsplads er et must i det minimalistiske hjem
Køkken og keramik står smukt til hinanden

The large Multiform kitchen has become a gathering point for the entire family, which now consists of Martin, his wife and their young daughter. Martin’s wife loves to cook Asian dishes from her native country, but also Arabic and Danish food. Martin has prioritised plenty of space for storage – for kitchenware as well as other items – as with minimalistic furniture throughout the house, it’s good to have room to put away papers and small items.

“The kitchen is probably one of the best pieces of furniture in the house. It’s incredibly beautiful craftsmanship and will last forever. I can’t compare it with anything else,” says Martin.

Der er åben forbindelse mellem køkken og stue i liebhaverboligen ved Vejle Fjord

Hand-picked design classics

The other furniture pieces have been hand-picked by Martin, who has chosen Danish design classics and lamps from PH, his personal favourite, throughout the house. Martin has been collecting design classics for several years, supplementing them with selected new furniture from Erik Jørgensen.

“I think that Danish design is fantastic and functional. PH created the best lights – nobody else has managed to capture the same heat and glow in their lamps. By choosing classic Danish design, you also get furniture that you can pass on to others. They just last and look even better the longer they’re used. My daughter loves to sit in our Ox Chair and her little, greasy fingers just make it more beautiful in my eyes,” says Martin.

The bedroom on the top floor of the house has a balcony overlooking Vejle Fjord. The white-painted walls receive contrast and warmth from a single feature wall, hand-decorated by an Italian artist who has worked with selected walls in the kitchen, office, bathrooms and bedroom.

“A Multiform kitchen is an incredibly beautiful piece of craftsmanship and will last forever.”

Martin Frandsen, owner

For at skabe sammenhæng er liebhaverboligen indrettet med sort eg i både køkken og badeværelse

The three bathrooms in the house are also furnished with furniture from Multiform in black oak. The back walls are hand-decorated by an Italian artist.

There is a view of the fjord from the old garden. The area’s many old beech and oak trees have been an inspiration for the materials Martin has chosen for his renovation of the house.