At Multiform, we consider design in everything we do and everything we surround ourselves with. It comes completely naturally to us, as classic design, high quality and proud craftsmanship are so closely linked. This has been the case ever since Multiform founder Carsten Michelsen designed the classic, iconic Form 1 kitchen in 1982.

Whether it’s our own handmade kitchens, an exclusive tea towel designed to match our kitchens or our partner products displayed in store, the design and functionality have been carefully considered. An exquisite design is a key part of the overall Multiform experience.

Now all waste can be sorted in the kitchen

Six out of ten of us would like to sort more waste, and in two years all EU countries will handle and collect food waste. This is why Multiform has now developed a number of environmentally friendly waste systems for the kitchen, where up [...]

10 handmade interiors for your kitchen drawers

Based on a vision that the kitchen should be a beautiful piece of the room's furniture, we design handmade kitchens with a perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Below, we show you 10 handmade solutions that tidy up your kitchen drawers. [...]

Choosing a worktop

For many years, kitchen trends have been characterised by "less is more" – simple materials, few colours and smooth surfaces. But this has slowly started to change. Customers are looking for more vibrancy and designs that tell a story. [...]

Nors Tea Towel

Together with Multiform, textile designer Susanne Nors has developed the exclusive and uncompromising Nors Tea Towel. It has been woven using old techniques and an elegant range of colours inspired by Multiform's timeless design – and has been created with completely the same uncompromising [...]

The kitchen’s Danish design classic

Denmark has a unique design tradition of furniture created by qualified interior designers that is beautiful and functional and with a durability that can last for several generations. Masters like Arne Jacobsen, Hans Jørgen Wegner and Poul Kjærholm created furniture classics which are still [...]

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