Gitte Nilsson from Roskilde appreciates exquisite quality and timeless design. This also applies in the kitchen. But the money set aside for the renovation of the family’s classic 1950s house was about to run out. The family therefore decided to invest in a Multiform Secondhand kitchen, a decision they haven’t regretted for a moment.

The classic house from the 1950s has undergone extensive modernisation work since Gitte Nilsson and her husband Lars acquired it: the brickwork has been refurbished, a new black roof has been installed and floors have been broken up to fit underfloor heating. The list of projects continues but the soul of the home and the details of exquisite craftsmanship remain after almost 70 years.

“We bought the house from the estate of someone that had passed away. Even though the entire house needed work, we had no doubt that the quality was excellent and that it deserved to be returned to a good condition and given a new lease of life,” Gitte Nilsson explains as she speaks about the family’s house in the centre of Roskilde.

The family’s flair for preserving the best – combined with financial considerations – was precisely the reason why Gitte initiated the search for a used Multiform kitchen. She found a white high gloss Multiform kitchen from the Form 2 VG series that had been advertised for sale by a family in Aarhus before their house in Risskov was taken over by the next generation.

Gitte’s husband and a neighbour who had been a kitchen fitter for years went off to Aarhus to disassemble the old kitchen to transport it to Roskilde for installation in its new environment.

Multifaceted quality

The classic kitchen and the equally classic steel tabletop now serve as a hub for the family. It is where food is cooked and where the family socialise, among themselves and with friends.

“I have never regretted buying secondhand. It is so beautiful and functional. So many people admire the kitchen and I love telling the story about how we bought it secondhand. It showcases quality in many ways,” says Gitte.

Quality, both in a literal sense in terms of reusing a kitchen that has been built to last for generations, but also when it comes to finances, sustainability and the history that the family would like to pass on to the next generation.

“We have not ‘just’ got a classic kitchen of high quality at a lower price. We also made a choice that aligns well with what we want to say. Like taking a stand against the throwaway culture. It makes a lot of sense to choose lasting products that provide enjoyment every day for many years –  and for multiple families too,” Gitte Nilsson says.

It also meant that the wall cupboards for the kitchen, which the family didn’t need, were sold on to another family who could use them. Kitchen classics deserve to live on.