Archiproducts Design Award 2018

Multiform has won an prestigious international design award

For the second consecutive year, Multiform has won the prestigious international design award, the Archiproducts Design Award, for an exquisite bespoke kitchen in blackened steel. The kitchen was judged along with 600 other products by a jury consisting of 40 of the world's leading international architectural firms and designers.

Multiform has won with a kitchen that the jury highlighted for its state of the art in design. It is an exclusive kitchen from the Form 45 series of blackened steel. Multiform has won in the kitchen category in the company of some of the world's most famous brands of luxury kitchens.

Last year, Multiform also won the award with a kitchen design in brass. Both this year's and last year's award winning kitchens were designed by Henrik Witt, design manager at Multiform. He says: "It is a great honour to win the international design award two years in a row. The prize means a lot to us because it signals that we are part of an international class of exclusive kitchen design brands, and many new customers and architects will be looking our way with interest. Last year's prize brought us a lot of inquiries from home and abroad, and now more will follow."

Henrik Witt continues: "I've designed the kitchen in blackened steel as a natural extension of the fine and clear brass surface that won us first place last year. What's special about the Form 45 series black oxidised steel kitchen is that it is rawer in expression and design, so the kitchen island will stand like a monolith – an architectural design element cut from a piece of blackened steel. The blackened steel surface has a surprising colour scheme in black/brown steel that matches natural materials like marble, granite and wood."

"At Multiform we want to do things that are difficult, and where the naked eye can see that we've made an extra effort. We want to use honest and genuine materials, and we never lower the bar. On the contrary. It's all about design and aesthetics," says Henrik Witt.

Multiform's Form 45 series has become a new classic in kitchens. The series has what a Multiform kitchen needs: Top quality materials, distinguished craftsmanship, timeless design and clean lines. Multiform is experiencing – both in Denmark and beyond its borders – increased demand for carpenter kitchens in special materials such as blackened steel.

At Multiform we want to create spaces with exciting and timeless materials that have that wow effect at first sight and that at the same time will last for generations. We strive for outstanding quality and craft solutions, which is a pure declaration of love for the materials, and especially the people who will live with it.