Handmade to last for generations

Handmade in line with classic woodworking principles

All of Multiform’s kitchen drawers are hand-crafted in line with classic woodworking principles at the workshop in Denmark, made to an uncompromising standard and with great love for the workmanship and materials that go into the process.

The wood for Multiform’s kitchen drawers comes from a small, family-operated sawmill in Austria and is exclusively sourced from European countries. For three generations, the sawmill has supplied materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality for Multiform clients.

Sycamore maple has traditionally been the most commonly used material for kitchen drawers because it does not give off any kind of taste to the food items kept in drawers. Recently Multiform has begun to handcraft drawers from oak and black-stained oak in the same simple, classic style and same uncompromising quality.

From 15 March 2019 until 15 May 2019, you may choose drawers in natural oak or black stained oak for the same price as the solid maple drawers.

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*The promotional campaign cannot be combined with other discounts or promotional campaigns and does not apply to project orders.