Together with Multiform, textile designer Susanne Nors has developed the exclusive and uncompromising Nors Tea Towel. It has been woven using old techniques and an elegant range of colours inspired by Multiform’s timeless design – and has been created with completely the same uncompromising attitude.

Let even the smallest of details help create the right mood in your handmade kitchen. Together with Multiform, textile designer Susanne Nors has developed a tea towel that does exactly that through its quality and appearance. The tea towel has been designed with a desire to create a kitchen textile with the same uncompromising quality as Multiform’s handmade kitchens. Here, the design and craftsmanship create the framework for a kitchen that can last for decades and the same is the case for the tea towel.

Nors is made from 100% cotton and has been created using classic weaving techniques from before the 1900s, when functionality was the focus. Special weaving techniques were used to create optimal absorption and the forgotten craft is now being used again to ensure the best possible quality. The tea towel is available in black, dark grey, light grey and deep blue, all colours that were selected specially, as the elegant and timeless nuances emphasise the exclusive natural materials used by Multiform in its kitchen designs.

“The tea towel has been designed with a vision to create a kitchen textile with the same timeless appearance and quality as a Multiform kitchen. To my eyes, it is wrong to consider kitchen textiles to be something that either need to be hidden away due to the way they look or replaced after a short time because the quality is simply too poor. A tea towel should be seen as a key element of the kitchen, something you are happy to use every day, just like a good handmade kitchen,” explains textile designer Susanne Nors when talking about her design.

An uncompromising design

An uncompromising design is the fulcrum of the Nors Tea Towel, in which Susanne Nors has unified classical weaving with completely new bindings that gives the tea towel a modern and also timeless appearance. The lines of the weave have been designed to have the same oblique angle as the dovetail joints that characterise the handmade Multiform kitchen drawers. The tea towel was also created in close collaboration with different artists, who helped identify potential issues in Susanne Nors’ design process and set the framework for the ultimate tea towel. As part of the process, they were, among other things, asked for their input as to where the optimal location for the hanging loop on the tea towel should be and they were also asked for their ideas for a colour that would match the exclusive wood species that Multiform uses for its handmade kitchens.

“Nors has been created through an experimental design process that challenged me to design a tea towel with the quality, in both appearance and functionality, that I wanted. I consider Nors to be the kitchen textile answer to Multiform – quality craftsmanship with an exceptional timeless design,” Susanne Nors continues.

About the Nors Tea Towel
Material: 100% cotton
Colours: black, dark grey, light grey and deep blue

About Susanne Nors
Susanne Nors qualified as a textile designer from Kolding Design School in 2016. She grew up with a Multiform kitchen that her father, a cabinetmaker, swore by due to its high quality. Susanne Nors currently works at Sunds Textiles, where she designs functional and beautiful fabrics for the mattress industry.

The Nors Tea Towel is available in black, dark grey, light grey and deep blue. It is available in a limited number only and can be purchased by contacting Multiform via