Six out of ten of us would like to sort more waste, and in two years all EU countries will handle and collect food waste. This is why Multiform has now developed a number of environmentally friendly waste systems for the kitchen, where up to ten different types of waste can be sorted.

Most people are familiar with this scene. There might be a bag for batteries in a kitchen drawer, a compost container in the garden for organic waste from cooking, and a waste container in the garage where plastic and cardboard can be sorted.

”Bins in the kitchen are an important topic when a family is planning a new kitchen. This is because many people are familiar with the challenges of sorting waste in several different places – both inside and out. It will become increasingly important to have a well-thought-out waste solution ‘at your fingertips’ in the future, as more and more consumers want to sort their waste in order to take good care of our climate and the planet,” says Anita Barner Ibsen, Marketing Manager at Multiform.

For example, an analysis conducted by IDA in 2020 shows that six out of ten respondents would like to sort more waste.

6 ud af 10 vil gerne sortere mere affald i køkkenet

A specially designed waste system

Multiform is therefore launching a specially developed kitchen drawer waste system on 1 April, which makes it possible to sort waste from two to ten different types of waste. The system itself is designed so that the waste does not leave lingering odours in the kitchen. The waste is ventilated so that it does not smell. The waste system itself is made of recycled plastic, so that it can also be reused when it finally reaches the end of its lifetime.

”In developing the new waste system, we’ve thought ahead to meet the needs of the future. For example, we’ve designed the waste system to handle 13 different bags for organic waste. There are so many different kinds of bags for bio-waste in the municipalities. Here we have integrated ventilation so that the waste dries out and doesn’t make the home smell,” says Anita Barner Ibsen.

Du kan sortere op til 10 forskellige typer affalds med det nye affaldssystem fra Multiform

Created with a sustainable approach

It was natural for Multiform to customise a waste system with the aim of making it easy and convenient for consumers to sort waste from many sources.

”We’ve been thinking sustainably since the first Multiform kitchen was designed and manufactured in 1982. It’s not only about our focus on natural materials, but just as much about the durability of our products. Many of the kitchens we handmade almost 40 years ago continue serving their consumers to this day,” says Anita Barner Ibsen.

Additional requirements

And the interest in sustainable choices – also in the form of effective sorting of waste in the home – is given extra attention due to the global goals that private individuals, companies and the public sector want to comply with. The focus here is also on handling and minimising waste. In addition, in 2023 the EU will introduce a requirement for all countries to collect and handle food waste.

”With the new waste system, we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to sort their waste. This is not only good for the individual family, but also for the major objectives that society has set for its green transition,” says Anita Barner Ibsen.

Æstetik og funktion i perfekt balance med det nye system til affaldssortering i køkkenet

Good hygiene is taken into account

”The waste system fits in drawers from 40 to 80 centimetres wide. Many people know what it’s like to stand with a potato peeler in their hands while struggling to open the bin. Our drawers open electronically, so you just push with one knee and the waste system opens. Then the drawer closes again with a pouf. This is good for hygiene in the kitchen,” says Anita Barner Ibsen.

When the sorted waste needs emptying, it’s easy to empty one bin at a time.