Inspired by Nordic design traditions, architect Mikal Hafsahl from Studio Moll has created a refuge on a sloping plot in Stavanger with room for both day-to-day living and a cabin atmosphere.

Not long after moving into their new house in the Hinna district of Stavanger, Siv Tone Hilde-Larsen and Dag Vevatne began to dream about their next building project. The turnkey house they had bought did not feel quite like it was theirs.

One Friday in May 2015, three years after they moved in, Liv and Dag noticed a building site nearby. On the Sunday they went out to take a closer look at the plot, which is divided into several levels on the fells with a sharp slope. On the Tuesday, they bought the site and project ‘Dreamhouse’ was officially launched.

Køkkenø i Form 45 / Sort eg designet af Multiform Forus

Both Liv and Dag work in headhunting and recruitment and through their network they found architect Mikal Hafsahl from Studio Moll. Mikal has designed the 400 m2 home based on the premise that it should be able to accommodate the day-to-day routines of preparing food and family living while having the feel of a mountain cabin, with space for relaxation and outdoor living with their 13-year-old son Linus, Dag’s three adult children and the couple’s large circle of friends.

“The home is a result of the qualities of emptiness, but also of a couple with a strong aesthetic will.”

Mikal Hafsahl,

While the couple had clear ideas of their own regarding the design and materials, they were happy with the collaboration with the interior designers at Magu Design, who helped with the combination of white oiled oak, selected black and green surfaces on the walls and ceilings and a Multiform carpenter’s kitchen in black oak.

The carpenter’s kitchen in black oak was designed by Helge Jakobsen at  Multiform Forus, who says that the goal with the kitchen was to create a visual that could be experienced exclusively in a discreet way, in harmony with the house’s architecture. Rather than creating a clearly defined kitchen solution, a kitchen has been created that can handle pizza dough, olive oil and herbs for Friday pizza as well as serve as a discreet surface in the room when the pocket-door cupboard is closed.

Snedkerkøkkenet i sort eg
Pocket door skabet er indvendigt fineret med sort eg

The 4.8-metre-long kitchen island is made from black oak with a continuous grain structure and a worktop in black Corian in the award-winning Form 45 design. The kitchen island, the black Form 2 full wall cabinet and the handmade drawers in black oak have an understated aesthetic quality.

En imponerende køkkenø i sort eg på 4,8 meter

Text: Linn Carin Dirdal, Bo Bedre and Multiform. Photo: Inger Marie Grini. The property was shown in BO BEDRE Norway and BO BEDRE Denmark in 2020.