Become a distributor

Become a distributor of bespoke and handcrafted kitchens from Multiform

Multiform is a strong brand in the Danish market for handmade kitchens and there are opportunities available for those who know the industry and are passionate about handmade kitchens to become independent Multiform distributors.

As a proprietor, you will become part of the community of architects, designers and interior designers from Multiform stores across the entire Nordic region and will create individual handmade kitchens for customers in close collaboration with our talented carpenters at the workshop in Kibæk. The Multiform team will provide you with thorough training on the various Multiform products and production methods, as well as valuable help with e.g. business plans, budgets and operations to ensure that you become a success.

Why choose Multiform

A strong brand

Multiform is a strong brand in handmade kitchens both in Denmark and abroad. In 2017 and 2018, Multiform received the prestigious international Archiproducts Design Award for a unique design. Most recently, one of our projects was selected by Archilovers as one of the best in 2019 – from more than 50,000 international projects. The project was selected for its unique aesthetics, creativity and functionality.

Award-winning, uncompromising quality

Multiform kitchens are award-winning, handmade carpenter’s kitchens in timeless designs, exquisite materials and well-thought-out details. Timeless classics never go out of fashion and the uncompromising quality lasts for generations. With a wide range, you can design kitchens for customers from medium-priced options to the most exclusive kitchen imaginable.

Professional and passionate discussions

At Multiform, you become part of a team of passionate and qualified architects, interior designers and designers, who create kitchens with an architectural quality that resonates with the rest of the house, period, life in the house and the functional requirements. This provides plenty of opportunities for professional, passionate discussion with colleagues.

Become a distributor

Become a distributor of handcrafted kitchens in Roskilde or Malmö.

Become a distributor of handcrafted kitchens in Roskilde

Become a distributor of handmade kitchens in Roskilde

Roskilde has a large concentration of high-income homes and is a city enjoying extremely positive developments in both population growth and the number of new homes being built.

For 27 years, Dorthe Dietz has been selling Multiform kitchens from her store, which is in a prime location along one of the approach routes to the city and has a visible and newly renovated facade. The store is in a strong financial position and Dorthe is now ready to pass the baton on to a new proprietor.

Become a distributor of handcrafted Multiform kitchens in Malmö

Become a distributor of handmade kitchens in Malmø

Do you dream of owning an exclusive Multiform kitchen and lifestyle store in Malmö – just down on the marina? Perhaps it will be you who sells award-winning handmade luxury kitchens to the many high-end homes across all of Skåne?

Multiform is ready with a ‘plug and play’ solution. The absolutely best crew is already in place. The two experienced and talented interior designers Anna Albinsson-Kaplan and Eva-Lotte Rönndahl currently help customers bring their kitchen dreams to life. And the showroom at Dockplatsen 8 is newly furnished and exclusive.

Give the customer the full experience

Get in touch with our CEO, Allan Meyer, at or by telephone on +45 2069 8471 if you are interested in discussing the possibility of becoming a Multiform distributor.