The interior designer MDd and owner of Multiform Hillerød is passionate about creating functional culinary workshops

What is trending in kitchen design?

“We’re currently displaying a new interpretation of a kitchen classic in the store, and the customers are bowled over by the iconic Form 1 kitchen in Saint Pauls Blue. It is at once both a timeless choice and a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic kitchen design, which Carsten Michelsen designed in 1982 based on a vision of a kitchen as a beautiful piece of furniture.

In order to create harmony and gentle transitions between the materials, we have combined the grey-blue Form 1 with a Quartzite worktop in the colour Atlantic Lava Stone, a black oxidised Vola tap fitting, a hand-forged shelf in black oxidised steel and a tall wall cabinet in black Fenix with a matt, scratch resistant surface.

Personally, Form 1 is my favourite design, because it is so special in terms of craftsmanship. The visible, solid front frames on the cabinets, the solid wood fronts that are manufactured entirely from scratch, and the visible structure of the oak wood are characteristic for the design, which today is considered a classic with its simple, timeless expression,” describes interior designer Charlotte Brix.

Which worktop is your favourite in the kitchen?

“There are many beautiful worktops out there, but I have fallen in love with the new Quartzite stone worktops, which have all the qualities of granite along with marble’s beautiful expression. These are stone worktops that are created by nature over millions of years, which means that no two plates are ever the same. The patterning in the worktops is entirely unique and adds an exotic play of colour to a streamlined Scandinavian kitchen design.”

What could you absolutely not do without in your kitchen?

“My Quooker is indispensable. The fact that we always have boiling water makes so many things in the kitchen easier. When I’m preparing food, I can always pour boiling water into the saucepan and over to the stove, which makes cooking so much faster. And right now, when the scent of white elderflower reminds us it’s Danish midsummer, the Quooker is invaluable when I make elderflower cordial – or prepare rhubarb from my garden for rhubarb compote and cakes. We also use the Quooker several times a day to blanch vegetables, make coffee in the cafetiere and to sterilise the grandchildren’s dummies.”

En Quooker er en af køkkendesignerens egne favoritter
Indretningsarkitekt MDD og indehaver af Multiform Hillerød, Charlotte Brix
What is your favourite spot in the kitchen?

“My favourite spot is by the kitchen sink, where I can stand and look out into the garden – and out over the Øresund, while I’m preparing vegetables.”

Interior designer Charlotte Brix’s three biggest tips:
  1. It’s easy to fall in love with new trends, but it’s important to stay true to yourself when it comes to choosing the design, colours and materials for your new kitchen. Our most important task is to ensure you have a solution that functions in your home. This is why I visit you in your home and look at the house’s architecture, interior design and not least, the way the light falls. In relation to the choice of materials, it’s important to consider how much light there is in the room. We wouldn’t recommend a dark worktop for a small kitchen for example, because this would suck up all the light.
  2. Think very specifically about what is important for you to have space for in the kitchen and where you would like to have the various elements, so the kitchen is optimally used. Should extra crockery and cutlery, for example, be easily accessible or slightly further away?
  3. Be open about your budget, so we can give you the best advice regarding choice of materials, interior design and appliances that match your budget.