Thirty-eight years ago in Aarhus, the first Multiform kitchen was created in a cabinetmaker’s workshop in a backyard in Vestergade. There continues to be a special bond between Multiform and Aarhus. We’ve invited the three kitchen designers behind Multiform in Aarhus to a chat about good craftsmanship, functional food workshops, and their favorite design.

What is your personal favorite design?

Jesper Christensen originally trained as a carpenter, so he has a special fondness for wood and good craftsmanship. Jesper’s personal favorite design is Form 1 in smoked oak. “In terms of craftsmanship, Form 1 is very special: The visible, solid front frames on the cabinets, the functional drawer slats in solid wood manufactured entirely from scratch and the oak wood’s beautiful structure are characteristic of the design, which today is considered a classic with its simple, timeless look.”

Jesper Christensen, Multiform Aarhus har Form 1 i røget eg som sit favoritdesign
Chris Jacobsen og Thomas Knudsen, Multiform Aarhus har Form 45 i planskåret eg som deres favoritdesign

For both Chris Jacobsen and Thomas Knudsen, their favorite design is the award-winning Form 45 in flat-sawn oak with the grain running the length of the wood. “It’s the ultimate in craftsmanship. Multiform’s veneer specialists individually select veneer for each and every kitchen, providing it with lots of character and a completely unique look.”

What kitchen trends are you I currently noticing?

For many years, Danish kitchen trends have been characterized by “less is more” – simple materials, few colours and smooth surfaces. But this has started to change. Today, we want a kitchen that will last for many years and this influences the choice of materials. We prioritize long-term, classic solutions and nature’s beautiful materials.”Customers demand more life and history in the design and this provides new, exciting opportunities in relation to both creative solutions and color composition,” says Thomas Knudsen.

Which kitchen worktop is your favourite?

"There is an incredible number of beautiful natural stone worktops that provide the kitchen with character and a completely unique look. But for me, the kitchen is a food workshop where you get down to business, so it's important to me that the worktop can handle a variety of tasks. Dekton worktops certainly can, as they are scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean, and completely robust. I have a little boy who likes to join me in the kitchen, so it's great not to have to worry about whether the worktop can withstand the activities going on in there," says Thomas.

What could you absolutely not do without in your kitchen?

"Without a doubt, it's my Quooker. Many people think that you only use a Quooker to make a quick cup of coffee, but it is used in lots of different situations every single day. If you have small children, a Quooker is indispensable when scalding pacifiers, but also for blanching vegetables, cooking eggs, potatoes, noodles, etc. In addition, it's great to always have boiling water on hand for cleaning when you're cooking. For example, if you've used a knife that cannot go in the dishwasher, you can quickly wash it off with soap and boiling water from the tap," says Thomas.

What is your favorite spot in the kitchen?

"I love to experiment with new recipes and cooking in all kinds of ways, so my favourite place is the kitchen island, where I can also enjoy the view of Himmelbjerget. For me, it's relaxing and pure therapy for the soul," says Thomas.

The kitchen designer's three biggest tips
  1. It's important to consider what you are happy with in your current kitchen and wouldn't want to do without. That way we always make an effort to integrate it into the new kitchen and also try to improve it.
  2. It's important to have thought about what the kitchen should be used for – and not least by whom. It has a major impact on the optimal working height and not least the choice of material.
  3. Be open about your budget. That way we can give you the best advice regarding choice of materials, appliances, and solutions that match your budget and your desires.