Together, Dorthe Dietz and Ann Brit Thomsen Møller have more than 70 years of Multiform experience to offer when they advise you on a new kitchen. They analyse your needs in depth because it is absolutely fundamental if the kitchen is to have an architectural quality that resonates with the rest of the house, the period, the life lived in the house and functional needs. We have brought the design duo together for a talk about their favourite designs, kitchen trends and an old Copenhagen apartment from 1782.

What is your personal favourite design?

It all started in the backyard behind Vestergade 47 in Aarhus in 1982. Carsten Michelsen stood by the saw in the old workshop and turned a door over in his hands – cut out of a piece of wood. It was solid and square in shape. Attracted by its simplicity, he realised he was holding both an uncomplicated building block, a timeless design and a solid piece of craftsmanship that could last an entire lifetime. Behind the work in the shop was a vision of creating a kitchen classic that, in line with the iconic Danish furniture designs of the 1950s, could last over generations – both in terms of quality craftsmanship, materials and design idiom. One day in 1993 Carsten Michelsen came into the shop on Holbækvej in Roskilde, and since then Dorthe Dietz has been a dealer of the custom-built kitchens from Multiform. Dorthe’s own favourite design is the classic and original Form 1 custom-built kitchen, because she loves how good quality and durable design go hand in hand. Created with respect for the aesthetics of the original 1982 design, the Form 1 series is now available  in a number of new wood types – for example walnut, smoked oak and black oak, all of them hand-varnished using a water-based varnish by Multiform’s experienced craftspeople.

Det originale Form 1 snedkerkøkken er mit personlige favoritdesign, siger Dorthe Dietz, indehaver af Multiform Roskilde

Ann Brit’s favourite design is Form 6, which combines aesthetics and functionality with uncompromising quality. – Functionality is essential and a Form 6 kitchen is both easy to use and easy to clean. The solid wooden drawers have a mercedes closure that makes them easy to open and close; the original maple wood drawers have a bright and friendly look; and the light grey drawer bottom makes it easy to see what’s in the drawer, says Ann Brit.

What kitchen trends are you I currently noticing?

Although the trend is towards smaller homes, especially in the big cities, Dorthe Dietz still believes we will prioritise open multifunctional spaces, in which the open-plan kitchen is an inviting place for everyone to come together. – And even with smaller kitchens, we can tailor solutions so that there is room for everything, e.g. extra deep drawers, drawer-in-drawer solutions and with the option of our craftsmen tailoring drawer interiors so that they fit exactly those items that end up in the drawers, says Dorthe Dietz.

Which kitchen worktop is your favourite?

Personally, the white Corian worktop is my favourite, says Dorthe Dietz. – A Coriansurface is a worktop for life, as it can be repaired if damaged, and because it doesn’t absorb moisture or odour and is very resistant to stains and scratches, it is easy to maintain even if there is a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Ann Brit’s favourite is a frosted Nero Assoluto granite. – The uniform black table top provides calm and at the same time is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Kom ind til Multiform Roskilde og få gode råd om valg af bordplade.
What could you absolutely not do without in your kitchen?

“Without a doubt, it’s my combi-steam oven – bread from the day before tastes freshly baked after heating with steam, just as heating with moisture makes reheated food seem as if it is freshly made. And then I wouldn’t want to do without plenty of space to chop and slice,” says Ann Brit. Dorthe Dietz completely agrees: “The combi-steamer is my number one work tool. The cooking result is absolutely perfect and at the same time it is easy to clean. And then the Airfresh function in the refrigerator is absolutely fantastic when you have an open-plan kitchen, because you avoid unpleasant refrigerator smells,” says Dorthe.

What is your favourite spot in the kitchen?

“I live in the most stunning Copenhagen flat, from 1782. Yellow and romantic – right near Nyboder. The old drying loft has been integrated into the flat, and my favourite place is right where I stand and chop the salad with a view of the courtyard and communal washing line that I share with the opposite flat. It’s so cosy and original,” says Ann Brit. “My favourite spot in the kitchen is the “kitchen writing space”, which is an integral part of our kitchen. My husband and I sit here every night and discuss the state of the world when I get home from the store. The “kitchen writing space” is arranged in such a way that we sit opposite each other. I think that’s the best arrangement when you’re going to talk to each other,” says Dorthe Dietz.


The kitchen designer’s three biggest tips
  1. The best thing a customer can do is to contact a professional kitchen consultant who listens, asks about one’s needs, challenges the customer on “this is how it has always been” and is able to transform this into a kitchen that becomes a daily source of enjoyment in the family and thus a good investment.
  2. Buy quality – a Multiform kitchen is a major investment here and now, but the best in the long run because it lasts for 25-35 years. Good quality ages with grace and you don’t tire of it because both the design and the quality last.
  3. Pay attention to a good working height