Kitchen designer and owner of Multiform Aalborg, Jannie Kjær, loves to create fantastic culinary workshops in natural materials that can withstand teenage boys’ experiments.

What is trending in kitchen design?

“Just like many other aspects of life, there is now a great focus on sustainability when it comes to our kitchens. We want a kitchen that will last for many years and this influences the choice of materials. We prioritise long-term, classic solutions and beautiful natural materials.

Wood is one of my favourite materials because it provides warmth and cosiness in the kitchen and creates a unique expression, as no two pieces of wood are ever the same. Wood is also present in the solid wooden drawers, which are handmade to measure for each individual customer at the joinery in West Jutland. I get so happy each time I open one of my solid oak wood drawers and see the cutlery lying there looking so beautiful and shiny in a drawer with dividers that are handmade precisely for my kitchen. I always recommend my customers think very specifically about where they want to have the different elements in the kitchen, so the design is absolutely perfect and functions well on a daily basis.”

Which worktop is your favourite in the kitchen?

“There are so many great worktop options out there, but I have completely fallen for the new Quartzite stone worktops. I like the idea of a natural stone that has been forged by nature over millions of years. Each individual worktop has its own wholly unique expression – you will never find two pieces that are completely alike. Quartzite is the strongest natural stone that exists and is not vulnerable to acid, like marble, for example.

When you have two teenage boys at home full time as I do at the moment, then a lot happens in the kitchen while I’m at work. They have a go at whatever they can find in the fridge, and I don’t need to worry about acid stains appearing on the worktop when I get home.”

What could you absolutely not do without in your kitchen?

“My Quooker is indispensable. The fact that we always have instant boiling water makes so many things in the kitchen easier. We use the Quooker several times a day to blanch vegetables, boil eggs, make cup noodles, scald a knife – as well as for stinky football socks. Giving the football socks a rinse under the Quooker before they go into the washing machine helps get rid of that awful smell.”

En Quooker er en af køkkendesignerens egne favoritter
What is your favourite spot in the kitchen?

“My favourite spot is to sit at the kitchen island and enjoy a cappuccino while my boys experiment with new recipes, local ingredients and herbs from the garden – and just enjoy being in the kitchen.”

The kitchen designer’s three biggest tips:
  1. It’s important to talk about both the positive and negative experiences from your old kitchen. Perhaps you like having the tea towels next to the sink and the cutlery stored above the crockery, but are irritated by always banging your head on the cooker hood or not having enough room in the sink.
  2. Think very specifically about what is important for you to have space for in the kitchen and where you would like to have the various elements, so the kitchen is optimally used.
  3. Be open about your budget, so we can give you the best advice regarding choice of materials, interior design and appliances that match your budget.