Denmark has a unique design tradition of furniture created by qualified interior designers that is beautiful and functional and with a durability that can last for several generations. Masters like Arne Jacobsen, Hans Jørgen Wegner and Poul Kjærholm created furniture classics which are still a fixture in Danish homes 60-70 years later.

When Multiform’s founder Carsten Michelsen designed the Form 1 kitchen in 1982, he took his cue from these traditions and created a carpenter’s kitchen that is now considered a classic with its simple, timeless expression and solid and uncompromising craftsmanship. In the joinery, experienced cabinetmakers build each kitchen from the ground up using proper craftsmanship methods. “We still create all of our design lines based on traditional craftsmanship and we do not compromise on anything. Over the years, we have added several surfaces and adjusted our range to add functionality, but the design remains the same.”

“We believe in uncompromising quality and a kitchen that will last for generations in a world full of consumption.”

Anita Barner Ibsen, Marketing Manager at Multiform

“A Form 1 kitchen is handmade from solid wood using traditional principles and has solid carcass edges, underlying the Danish tradition of craftsmanship,” explains Marketing Manager Anita Barner Ibsen, before adding: “When we create a Form 1 kitchen, we create the beautiful, uniform look by adding the absolute best quality veneer to the solid wood. This is a detail that places extremely strict requirements on the craftsmanship and the carefully selected, quartz-cut veneer.” The Form 1 kitchen is, just like all Multiform kitchens, designed and produced in Denmark at the company’s joinery in Kibæk. Experienced cabinetmakers create each kitchen from the ground up using proper craftsmanship methods: All wood and veneer is sorted by hand, all drawers are handmade and dowels, pins and dovetail joints are used to ensure that the timeless design is underpinned by exclusive craftsmanship that can last for life.

We are using more and more colours in our home interiors and colour has also made its way into the kitchen. At Multiform you can choose a handmade kitchen that unites timeless design with a sophisticated choice of colour. The Form 1 kitchen, as an example, is available in many different versions with coloured stain – including brown, green and blue tones – emphasising the elegant details and the beautiful structure and grain of the oak. The stain produces a look that is personal, modern and classic all at the same time. This allows the kitchen to be in perfect harmony with the architecture and interior design of the home.

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