Twenty-three years ago, Kim and his family bought a Multiform kitchen for their house in Aabybro. Now that the children have grown up and flown the nest, the house is being renovated. The kitchen is being opened up, but the original Multiform kitchen cabinets will live on in an upgraded version and new set-up.

“It was my wife who fell in love with Multiform kitchens back then. I remember thinking that they were expensive and suggested a much cheaper one. But I let myself be persuaded, and for 23 years I haven’t adjusted a single screw or done anything to the kitchen. It still looks great and is a classic, of course. You don’t just throw something like that away,” Kim concludes.

He’s even made sure the family kitchen can grow. About seven years ago, he saw a used Multiform kitchen in “Den Blå Avis” (a Danish newspaper for classified ads). The white kitchen with mahogany edges in the Form 1 model matched the family’s own kitchen, and he thought it would be nice to be able to expand it one day. So he hitched the trailer to his car and drove from North Jutland to Copenhagen to dismantle the used kitchen. It’s been in storage ever since, and some of its elements are now part of the family’s renovated kitchen.

You don’t throw away a furniture classic either

Kim compares the family’s classic Form 1 kitchen with a classic piece of furniture that acquires patina over time and may need new upholstery if it’s worn out, but certainly does not end up in the refuse tip.

“A craftsman once told me that a high price is quickly forgotten if the kitchen is good, while a bad kitchen is always going to be a source of irritation. And he was right about that,” says Kim.

Strong trend – the kitchen lives on

Multiform in Aalborg sold the kitchen to the couple 23 years ago. The same showroom’s current owner, Jannie Kjær, has advised the couple on the design of a kitchen island, assisted with new drawings for the entire kitchen and provided new worktops. The kitchen is also receiving new appliances as well as a Quooker.

”Kim and his family are far from being alone in their endeavour. We are seeing a strong trend in customers’ focus on sustainability. A lot of people want to recycle Multiform kitchens, because they are of fantastic quality as well as being a classic, timeless design. The family’s own Multiform kitchen can be reused and upgraded. We’re also seeing more and more used Multiform kitchens changing owners, including through our own website. We’re proud of our kitchens, and we’re always happy to help upgrade or expand them so they can bring joy for many more years to come,” says Jannie Kjær.

Multiform kitchens are classic and made for the individual customer’s needs – often with unique, special solutions. Multiform can therefore help customers to expand kitchen elements, drawers, etc. for many years to come.

Good advice

The Nielsen family is happy to surround themselves with classic furniture and high-quality objects.

”We like the idea that a really nice kitchen like ours will be used again. It’s worth it to transform it from a traditional ’90s kitchen to a large open kitchen that suits our current needs today,” says Kim, who emphasises that the transformation will be successful because the family is receiving professional advice from Multiform in Aalborg.

”It’s a pleasure to get advice from a strong professional who is proud of their product and wants to give it a new life – just as we do. It’s important to have a designer who knows the product inside and out and can see solutions and opportunities with the elements we have in combination with new sub-elements,” says Kim.

He sees recycling as an expression of common sense and respect for a handmade kitchen. “And of course, it’s also about the fact that we’re becoming more aware of taking better care of the planet’s resources. Buying and throwing away is not a goal for us – on the contrary. It feels really good to tell other people that our fantastic kitchen is actually 23 years old.”