About Multiform

Every movement in Multiform is about creating products that are an enrichment of every home here and now – and in the long run. We operate with a solid foundation as part of the Ballingslöv International Group. All our timeless solutions are developed and recognized in Denmark as materials of the highest quality with the least possible impact on the climate and the environment. We have been doing this since we were established in 1982, and we intend to continue to do so for many years to come.

Living space and space for living

At Multiform we have clear views on many things. Not least in relation to quality, advice and timeless design. The roots of these views lie in our love for unique craftsmanship. A quality kitchen is built in proper carpenter fashion and creates out-of-the ordinary experiences of space. We believe that life is best lived within a perfect setting in which even the smallest details are part of the greater whole — for the individual. We deliver personalised everyday architecture.


“We celebrate our increasingly long history, but we also welcome the fact that our kitchens prove to us every day that they stand the test of time in both function and design. Our quality pays off – both today and in the long run.”

Allan Meyer, CEO

Uncompromising quality

Award-winning, hand-crafted kitchens in timeless designs made using exquisite materials and carefully prepared details. Classical timelessness never goes out of fashion and the uncompromising quality will last for generations.

Professional and passionate advice

At Multiform you will receive advice from passionate and qualified architects, interior designers and designers, who will help you create beautiful and functional living spaces in harmony with the architecture of your home, ensuring that aesthetics and practicality are perfectly balanced.

Unique and tailor-made

Each individual Multiform kitchen is unique and tailored just for you – a handmade luxury kitchen with exactly the width, height and depth that fits your home and your needs. If we need to build 72.8 cm high cabinets to create perfect symmetry, then that is exactly what we will do.

Beautiful interior and exterior

A Multiform kitchen is equally as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, as you can design the cabinets using white or grey melamine, interior veneer, laminate or stain in any colour you like.


At Multiform, sustainability is part of our DNA. Our kitchens are characterised by timeless design, carefully selected materials and an uncompromising finish, all rooted in traditions of proud craftsmanship. Multiform is the kitchen classic that lasts for decades – just like the very best furniture classics.

A long service life minimises the consumption of natural resources. The same can be said about our everyday efforts to use sustainable solutions. This is the case for everything from the certification of wood to the consumption of energy and even sorting of waste.