Our workshop in Kibæk is the heart of Multiform. Here is where our kitchens are created with precision and passion by 25 expert craftspeople. We have no kitchens in stock. Experienced cabinet makers and artisans build your new kitchen from scratch in traditional Danish carpenter style. We make it a matter of pride to create iconic, timeless kitchens that we can be proud of, and for us every single detail counts.

We know that good design is about more than just clean lines and attractive surfaces. What’s just as important is what’s under the surface: which is why we hand-sort all wood and veneer. We build everything from scratch and still use dowels, mortise and tenons, dovetail joints and tongue and groove. Why? Because it lasts longer this way.

The unique craftmanship

All of Multiform’s kitchen drawers are handmade according to classic carpentry principles in the workshop in Kibæk, with uncompromising quality and a love of craftsmanship and the materials. We have joined Multiform’s drawer expert Ole Lindgaard in the workshop, where everything is custom-made for the individual customer.

“A rounded dovetail joint is so strong that the wood falls to pieces before the join does.”

Ole Lindgaard, Multiform’s drawer expert

The best types of wood for your kitchen drawer

Historically maple has been the preferred material for kitchen drawers, because it’s one of the few wood types that doesn’t impart a taste to the food stored in the drawers. In the old days oak drawers could often smell a little musty, but that’s no longer a problem as we varnish them now.

Veneer specialists

Multiform’s veneer specialists work with both classic quartz-cut veneer and tangent-sawn veneer with wood grain of the uttermost quality running throughout.

As an additional service, Multiform keeps an additional layer of tangent-sawn veneer for a minimum of one year in the event of damage to a drawer, for example. This ensures that we can recreate a completely identical veneer look on a new drawer if any accidents happen.

The ultimate design

Our specialists only choose the veneer that precisely matches your kitchen. This gives the individual kitchen a special, personal touch – the artisan’s passion is built into your kitchen. You get a unique veneer look and an individual expression that is yours alone.

Many colours

If the surface is painted it is important to find just the perfect colour. On average, we are able to see 10 million different colours. At Multiform, there are no restrictions – and it’s the same when it comes to colour. We offer all the colours from the two most common colour systems in painted surfaces (RAL and NSC system). This way we can guarantee that your kitchen gets exactly the colour your kitchen should have.

We finish all surfaces with clear, water-based varnish. It helps to keep the surfaces – natural or painted – beautiful for many years without harming the environment.