Commercial Projects

Multiform is a competent collaborative partner on building projects and an experienced supplier of custom-made solutions for the kitchen, utility room, bathroom and wardrobe in exceptional artisan quality. Quite simply, our products strengthen the profile of your building. You will be met with skilled professionals with many years of experience in consultancy, project management and completion of projects both large and small.

We make an especially positive difference when we are included in your project from the very start. This allows us to contribute with valuable advice and ensure that we can clarify and arrange all the important aspects at the right time. Preparation is essential in order to achieve the best result.

Individual solutions

We design all kitchens for the individual project and have a strong project partner concept for the settlement of customer options. You receive professional advice from our designers, architects and interior designers, and we ensure that all solution proposals are brought to life via our visualisation tools. The results are attractive 3D illustrations that are a valuable contribution to your sales work.

Delivery on time

At Multiform we make it a matter of pride to deliver quality on time. We know how important it is for a building project that it does not have to wait for kitchens, bathrooms or wardrobes, which are often some of the last things to be fitted. Our experienced fitters work professionally and efficiently and are used to short deadlines. Once the kitchens have been fitted, we make sure there is a formal handover process where all kitchens are carefully reviewed. If there is anything amiss or lacking, we will rectify this quickly.

Professional project management ensures schedules are met

We make sure project deliveries have competent project management – from start to finish. Our goal is for the entire process to run smoothly and keep within the agreed time frame.

We know that it’s important for you to have one point of contact. We have competent employees in the individual stores and a strong back-up at the head office in Kibæk. We have many years of experience in managing numerous prestigious projects.

Examples of business projects

See examples of previous business projects below.


Artisan craftsmanship of the highest class

With Multiform you get an award-winning, hand-crafted, carpenter’s kitchen in a timeless design, exquisite materials and with well-thought-out details. Timeless classics never go out of fashion, and the uncompromising quality lasts across generations.


We make all our wooden drawers by hand according to authentic carpentry methods. All drawers are supplied with sides of solid, varnished maple or oak with traditional zinc dovetail joints.

The base of the drawer is made from 3 mm compact laminate, which is secured in a groove in the side of the drawers. The resulting drawers are not just beautiful but also strong enough to last for generations.


The cabinet’s carcass is built from tough melamine-coated material of 19 mm thickness. The backing is 8 mm thick and fitted into a groove. This ensures additional stability and a long lifetime.


Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter cut veneer and flat cut veneer that follows the beautiful wood grain. As an additional service, we save an identical layer of flat cut veneer for a minimum of one year, in case an accident happens to one of the drawers, for instance.

When we make the design classic, Form 1, we achieve its beautiful, unique expression by applying the finest hand-graded veneer to the outside of the solid wood, which is naturally uneven in colour and structure.


Multiform’s varnishing specialists hand-varnish the surfaces using a water-based, matt varnish. Coloured surfaces are finished with a coat of clear varnish to minimise the risk of scratches and marks from e.g. belt buckles. The surface also gives high colour stability and an especially long lifetime.