Design kitchens / Models

In 2022, Multiform celebrated our 40th anniversary. Thus, cementing our position in the market and we are proud that our old carpentry traditions still have their justification. We carpentry all our design kitchens in Kibæk, where we take care of the details.

When you buy a kitchen at Multiform, you can be sure of getting a carpentry kitchen of the best quality. Here, all materials are carefully reviewed by our skilled carpenters, who work with great dedication.

Form 1

Form 1 was, as the name suggests, the first series we developed. It is part of our DNA and appears just as modern and current as when it first saw the light of day 40 years ago. The series rotates around the square, adding strength, simplicity, elegance and calmness to the expression. The whole thing is reinforced by the frame of the body in solid wood. Form 1 is today considered a Danish design classic in line with the iconic furniture classics that were developed in the 50s.

Form 2

When Form 2 was designed in 1997, the aim was a minimalist aesthetic that did not compromise on functionality. Form 2 quickly achieved classic status, and has since added a stylish look – not just to the kitchen but throughout the home. Form 2 is timeless and classic and will appear relevant and functional throughout the generations.

Form 6

Form 6 is defined by an authentic appearance, where the clear horizontal lines break the flow and at the same time act as a handle. Here, the almost 80 cm high body is optimally utilized in both height and depth, and the drawers are equipped with a mechanical closing system that is top class. Here the process is simple – the possibilities are endless.

Form 8

These years beautiful old houses and apartments are being remodelled true to the original design and materials. Many, however, are seeking a modern Nordic twist. This is the background for Multiform’s new kitchen classic Form 8. The new kitchen design is an interpretation of the country kitchen in a modern layout that fits the many homes where the Nordic design characteristic is predominant.

Form 45

Form 45 saw the light of day in 2014, and it was not long before the world took notice of its unique design. In both 2017 and 2018, Form 45 won the prestigious design award from the Archiproducts Design Awards. Of course, it is gratifying when professionals honour our work, but the most important thing is that the kitchens also work in the homes. The groundbreaking design, where all the edges are cut in a bevel at 45 degrees, blurs the divide between front and side and adds a unique, floating impression.

Bathroom, wardrobe and walk-in

The unique combination of ideal function and timeless aesthetics is not only found in design solutions for your kitchen. Far from it. Multiform offers elegant quality solutions for your whole home and makes it possible to create a unified system and completely new ways of looking at a space. All elements are custom made for you. You can combine colours, materials and wood types so you achieve an expression that fits perfectly with your needs and wishes. With Multiform you get the opportunity to transform your home in ways you never thought possible. Med Multiform får du muligheden for at forandre dit hjem på en måde, du ikke troede var mulig.