Form 45 / Pure Minimalism

Form 45 saw the light of day in 2014, and it was not long before the world took notice of its unique design. In both 2017 and 2018, Form 45 won the prestigious design award from the Archiproducts Design Awards. Of course, it is gratifying when professionals honour our work, but the most important thing is that the kitchens also work in the homes.

The groundbreaking design, where all the edges are cut in a bevel at 45 degrees, blurs the divide between front and side and adds a unique, floating impression.

Form 45 / Case Stavanger

A mysterious calmness of understated luxury is established when Form 45 is made of flat-cut black oak. The dark colours and the stringent geometry create calm in an otherwise complex space. The wood grain pattern on the continuous fronts creates an interesting counterpoint to the static monolith figure, and the matching colours on the wall tie the whole experience elegantly together.


Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter-sawn veneer, where the vein appears linear and uniform, and flat-cut veneer, where the vein forms the characteristic, varying cone pattern. The veneer is applied so that the wood grain pattern continues in a natural extension on the entire piece of furniture. It is a small detail, but a detail of great importance to the finished kitchen. As an additional service, we store an extra layer of the selected veneer for approximately a year after project completion in the event of damage to, for example, a drawer. That way, we can recreate a completely identical veneer image on a new front should an accident occur.

“Multiform wishes to create spaces using exciting and timeless materials that give that wow feeling at first glance and also last forever.”

Henrik Witt, Designer

Form 45 / Specifications

About Form 45 /

Form 45, which was designed by Henrik Witt in 2014, marks the most exclusive solution in contemporary Scandinavian kitchen design ever.
In addition to the exceptional combination of top-quality materials, timeless design and clean lines, it is the unique details that put Form 45 in a class of its own. All the edges are bevelled with a diagonal cut of 45°, thereby creating a feeling of a floating kitchen island, which together with the elegant pocket doors will make your kitchen open, stringent and simple. Form 45 adds a new classic to the collection and changes the premise of what your kitchen can be completely. Its streamlined design is also available in versions that fit in perfectly with the rest of your home, so that you achieve a unified style and expression.

Materials /

Veneer: Flat cut
Maple, oak, black oak, walnut, steel and brass

Design /

Henrik Witt, 2014