At the heart of every Multiform design, where craftsmanship meets
passion, an experience arises for the uncompromising connoisseur.

Every single detail is carefully selected, not only for their aesthetic
expression but also for the nearly invisible, yet significant elements
that define functionality and durability.


At Multiform, we have a passion for design and materials. We identify and apply the new trends that create the classics of tomorrow.

Often, these are about taking familiar materials and using them in new contexts or new ways.


The Multiform Brand Book is filled with inspiration for kitchens, bathrooms, and wardrobes, while Multiform Unique design solutions present options for the rest of the home’s spaces.

A Lasting Enrichment

Every movement in Multiform is about creating products that are an enrichment of every home here and now – and in the long run. We operate with a solid foundation as part of the Ballingslöv International Group. All our timeless solutions are developed and recognized in Denmark as materials of the highest quality with the least possible impact on the climate and the environment. We have been doing this since we were established in 1982, and we intend to continue to do so for many years to come.

Our Designs

Each of our designs is unique with their own set of characteristics. However, they are not so different that they cannot be carried across to other models. Furthermore, they are all extremely flexible in themselves, and their expression can be scaled to any capacity and need. For example, Form 1’s clean lines can form the backbone of both classic and avant-garde cuisine. It all depends on the choice of surface, composition and the framework in which the kitchen is inserted. It is this kind of flexibility that helps to define Multiform.

Unique Masterpieces

Every piece of furniture that originates from Multiform is carefully thought out so that it meets the home’s needs and desires in terms of lifestyle and functionality, but also the overall style that prevails in the architecture and the home’s general decor. That is why our kitchens and furniture are designed by architects and designers who specialize in interior design, covering industrial design, crafts, furniture art, architecture and room design.


At Multiform, sustainability is part of our DNA. Our kitchens are characterised by timeless design, carefully selected materials and an uncompromising finish, all rooted in traditions of proud craftsmanship. Multiform is the kitchen classic that lasts for decades – just like the very best furniture classics.

A long service life minimises the consumption of natural resources. The same can be said about our everyday efforts to use sustainable solutions. This is the case for everything from the certification of wood to the consumption of energy and even sorting of waste.

Passionate Precision

Our carpentry in Kibæk is the heart of Multiform. Here, our kitchens are created with passion and precision by specialized craftsmen. We have no kitchens or other solutions in stock. Experienced furniture craftsmen build your new kitchen, hallway or bathroom furniture from scratch in traditional Danish carpentry style. We take pride in creating iconic and timeless solutions. For us, every detail counts. We know that good design is about more than just clean lines and beautiful surfaces. It’s just as much about what’s beneath the surface.This is why we manufacture cabinet bodies from 19 mm boards, where the industry standard typically is 16 mm, and the whole thing is built with a classic joinery method using dowels, pins, dovetail joints and tongue and groove.

Unique Veneer Work

Our veneer specialists work with both classic quarter-sawn veneer, where the vein appears linear and uniform, and flatcut veneer, where the vein forms the characteristic, varying cone pattern. The veneer is applied so that the wood grain pattern continues in a natural extension on the entire piece of furniture. It is a small detail, but a detail of great importance to the finished kitchen. As an additional service, we store an extra layer of the selected veneer for approximately a year after project completion in the event of damage to, for example, a drawer. That way, we can recreate a completely identical veneer image on a new front should an accident occur

Essential Differences

If the surface is painted it is important to find just the perfect colour. On average, we are able to see 10 million different colours. At Multiform, there are no restrictions – and it’s the same when it comes to colour. We offer all the colours from the two most common colour systems in painted surfaces (RAL and NSC system). This way we can guarantee that your kitchen gets exactly the colour your kitchen should have.

We finish all surfaces with clear, water-based varnish. It helps to keep the surfaces – natural or painted – beautiful for many years without harming the environment.


All our solutions are created to be both functional and aesthetic. Therefore, we only work with the best suppliers when it comes to table tops, fixtures, lighting, appliances etc.