Display sales

Selected handmade kitchens with display discount

Multiform employs curious, creative professionals and development and innovation are a major part of our everyday work. You can experience new possibilities at our stores in the form of new displays and sometimes we have to say goodbye to one of our handmade kitchens.

Visit the store and see the display kitchen

The handmade kitchens from the stores have, to varying degrees, been used for display and are usually purchased as seen in the specific store, which will also be your direct point of contact for questions and sales.

Multiform København – Gaggenau induktionskogeplade

GAGGENAU induktionskogetop, serie 400, model CV282101, bredde 80cm

Multiform København – FORM 1 opbevarings / vitrineskab

Opbevarings skab/vitrineskab m. indvendig finer i røget eg. Form 1 røget eg, med massive kanter i røget eg og skuffer i massiv eg med fingertappede samlinger. Glashylder bag vitrinelåger.

Multiform Horsens – FORM 6 køkken i POLARHVID

Form 1 køkken i røget eg. Bordplader i Quarzite m/udskæring til kogeplade og bordplade i fladstål med i svejst stålvask.