Trends that last

At Multiform, we have a passion for design and materials. We identify and apply the new trends that create the classics of tomorrow. Often, these are about taking familiar materials and using them in new contexts or new ways.

Form 1 - En klassikser er en klassiker

A classic is a classic

Materials change over time, but unique design remains. Multiform’s first kitchen model – Form 1 – has a strong appeal to customers after 40 years. Jannie Kjær, who is the owner of Multiform in Aalborg, has no doubt why her personal favorite kitchen will also last in the future. Among many qualities, Form 1 has a strong furniture look that gives coherence to the interior of the home.

Form 45 - Sortoxideret, varme og softlighed

Black oxide – warmth and texture

Form 45 in black oxidized steel. An award-winning international design from Multiform in a material becoming a new classic. Each and every black-oxidized steel surface is unique after receiving a special surface treatment that takes months and causes the steel to patina. The result is a special play of colors. The material and the changing black-brown colors bring warmth and substance to the kitchen.

Form 8

New kitchen classic with a distinct DNA

“Aesthetically speaking, Form 8 is a modern take on the country kitchen that fits in with the large number of homes focusing on Nordic design and a clean expression. Even at first glance, Multiform’s DNA is clearly expressed in the simple and clean lines that have been the brand’s design language for 40 years.