A classic is a classic

Materials change over the years, but well-thought-out design endures. What is it that makes Multiform’s first kitchen model, Form 1, still relevant after 40 years? Jannie Kjær, owner of Multiform Aalborg, is in no doubt as to why her personal favourite kitchen will continue to stand the test of time long into the future.

“For me, Form 1 is the ultimate classic design.

The kitchen is like a piece of furniture that is part of your interior design and unites your home. The solid front frames that separate the slats accentuate the furniture look. And the solid slats have a wonderfully calming impact. This effect is emphasised by quarter cut veneer on the solid fronts. The look is modern, beautiful and exclusive, just like the best-known furniture design classics,” says Jannie Kjær.

“For me, Form 1 is the ultimate classic design. The kitchen is like a piece of furniture that is part of your interior design and unites your home”

Jannie Kjær, Interior designer & owner – Multiform Aalborg


Customers who have previously bought a Form 1 kitchen also visit Multiform’s stores to add more elements to their classic design, for example, when they are renovating their home and converting their kitchen into a large open-plan space. It truly is a classic, with a design and quality that last for decades.

Jannie Kjær finds that customers – young and old– are fascinated by its timeless design and purposefully go for Form 1. They choose either the entire kitchen or an island in combination with striking tall wall cabinets, for example. The classic model can also be used in the bathroom or in a wardrobe.

The kitchen can have many different expressions, depending on the materials and everything around the kitchen: the architecture of the home, floors, ceilings, lamps, colours and styling.

Popular wood types include oak, smoked oak and black oak. Every single part of the kitchen is painted with a special water-based and environmentally friendly lacquer, which also ensures that light wood types do not yellow.

“The hallmark of strong design is that you can combine it in countless ways and get very different kitchens and expressions out of it. The slatted design makes it possible to create drawer dividers that vary from cabinet to cabinet. And it’s worth remembering that you can’t see these from the front,” says Jannie Kjær.

Form 1 - En klassikser er en klassiker

The slats can be combined from one slat per drawer to two, three or four slats per drawer. This means that the kitchen can be adapted to your needs without too much wasted space in the drawers.

All kitchens are handcrafted for the individual client. This is why Jannie Kjær and her colleagues also work with slats in other dimensions. This gives each kitchen a completely different look, while still remaining a classic.