Black oxide – warmth and texture

What makes black oxidised steel such a popular kitchen trend?

Lene Halse Hornemann, interior designer and owner of Multiform
Design Centre Copenhagen, is in no doubt as to its appeal.

“In our flagship store, we focus on two design directions: the round and sensual Nordic style and the dusky, more bohemian style. Black oxidised steel speaks directly to the darker design trend and also creates a natural connection to the Nordic design language for which Multiform is known.”

“The design of the kitchen is monumental – an architectural design element cut out of a piece of black oxidised steel”

Lene Halse Hornemann, Interior designer, CEO & Mdd – Multiform Copenhagen


Lene Halse Hornemann has been involved in the design process of Multiform’s Form 45 kitchen in black oxidised steel, which is now a modern classic. The kitchen has been recognised internationally as the recipient of the prestigious Archiproducts Design Award. The patinated steel works beautifully with black oak, for example, but also with lighter types of wood.

The design of the kitchen island is monumental – an architectural design element cut out of a piece of black oxidised steel – and it attracts both national and international attention. Each steel surface is specially treated in a process that takes several months. The patina it creates on the steel is unique and evokes a rare interplay of colour. The material and the changing black-brown colours bring warmth and texture to the kitchen.

“Kitchens have not only got bigger over the past 10 to 15 years. They’ve also grown in value for the individual family. We might not cook so much during the busy working week, but at the weekend many of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Elaborate, carefully prepared meals play a major role. This is partly due to the growing interest in food, health and exercise,” explains Lene Halse Hornemann.

In line with this trend, black oxidised steel is a great fit for the kitchen. The steel has a depth and warmth that creates a special ambience, one that’s all about ‘hygge’ and spending quality time together, for which Denmark is world-famous. And the same applies to the design.

“Design is a feeling of something different. It interacts with you. That’s why design has such a big impact on people and on our quality of life. And that’s why the design of the kitchen, as well as the home in general, is so important,” says Lene Halse Hornemann.

At Multiform, we pay close attention to details and finishes. No two doors are the same, all steel edges are meticulously folded over and all corners are specially welded.

Along with brass, which is another beautiful and exclusive material, black oxidised steel is among the new kitchen classics.