Unique Masterpieces

Every piece of furniture that originates from Multiform is carefully thought out so that it meets the home’s needs and desires in terms of lifestyle and functionality, but also the overall style that prevails in the architecture and the home’s general decor. That is why our kitchens and furniture are designed by architects and designers who specialize in interior design, covering industrial design, crafts, furniture art, architecture and room design.

The kitchen is typically the most important gathering point for the family. Therefore, high demands are placed on the room design with a focus on details, texture and the space in its entirety. In addition, there are many other aspects that are equally important and must be considered if the daily use of the kitchen is not only optimal, but also enjoyable: lighting, composition, food style, rhythm, work zones, flow, textures, etc.


“The benefit of having an architect involved with your new kitchen is that you will experience a kitchen that fits into the room and has an architectural quality that resonates with the rest of the house, period, life in the house and your functional requirements.”

Piet Rose, Arkitekt

Our designers, of course, base their solutions on our well-thought-out models and develop the project based on these. But the most important thing in our work is always our customers and their wishes. Therefore, we will always strive to provide creative solutions, details and material choices that will make your new kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe a masterpiece that is not only functional and beautiful, but also completely unique