Bathroom, wardrobe and walk-in

The unique combination of ideal function and timeless aesthetics is not only found in design solutions for your kitchen. Far from it. Multiform offers elegant quality solutions for your whole home and makes it possible to create a unified system and completely new ways of looking at a space.

All elements are custom made for you. You can combine colours, materials and wood types so you achieve an expression that fits perfectly with your needs and wishes.

With Multiform you get the opportunity to transform your home in ways you never thought possible.

Bathroom / Case Egernstrup

Raw concrete and oak meet black granite, maple and dark NCS special colour in this architectural masterpiece.

We’ve shown some examples above of solutions we’ve made for other rooms in the home. In our experience a unified home, where materials and surfaces are repeated in the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe creates a calming backdrop that can easily find new expression with small tweaks to the interior design.

If you would like to hear more about your possibilities for creating a unified home with creative, functional and aesthetic solutions, then book a meeting in one of our stores, where passionate skilled professionals are ready to advise you.

Learn more about our solutions for bath and wardrobe and receive inspiration from a skilled architect.


Every piece of furniture that originates from Multiform is carefully thought out so that it meets the home’s needs and desires in terms of lifestyle and functionality, but also the overall style that prevails in the architecture and the home’s general decor. That is why our kitchens and furniture are designed by architects and designers who specialize in interior design, covering industrial design, crafts, furniture art, architecture and room design.