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Welcome to Multiform secondhand kitchens

A Multiform kitchen deserves to be used for generations. It is a kitchen classic built to last. Built for everyday and built for living. For a lifetime. Just like the best furniture classics.

Lifelong durability and sustainability are two sides of the same coin as far as we are concerned. It is therefore important, not only to us but also for global resources, that our kitchens can find new homes when a property is re-developed or changes hands, for example. And so it was an obvious choice for us to make our website available to private individuals wanting to sell or buy used Multiform kitchens. This makes it possible for a new family to find enjoyment in a Multiform Secondhand kitchen.

The luxury of the future: Kitchens with character, stories and memories

Jill Hawkins,
lifestyle futures expert fra The Future Thief

– Our future as humans has to be and will be about creating and developing items that last – and prioritising ownership of those that have meaning and stories. Part of the future of luxury will be about the freedom and flexibility afforded by pieces that are designed to last: we will value them because we will be able to enjoy them without worry, says Jill Hawkins, lifestyle futures expert from The Future Thief.

Right now, we are overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ that has little emotional value in our lives. As a result, we are looking to responsible, considerate brands to help us live better, and for them to really care about helping us do that.

We are so much more conscious of where our fixtures, fittings and furniture come from, and are increasingly checking ourselves for every decision we make, especially those that are high stakes, such as a new kitchen. If we are to commit, we will want to be reassured that what we are buying is sustainably sourced and produced, designed to last and made with skill and consideration.

In the future, the kitchen will retain its place as both the functional and emotional centre of our homes. Of course, the role of the kitchen will evolve and adapt along with our lifestyles, but it will always be a place where memories are made, thus driving our desire to invest in the best we can afford. A handcrafted, luxury kitchen: new or pre-loved, will serve those needs well.

Ownership is becoming less about having a thing for ourselves, but about experiencing it instead. And as we seek to only own things with meaning, the quality, pre-owned pieces that are filled with character, stories and memories will be more and more in demand.

– The range of pre-owned that are more highly valued than new is widening. As our lifestyle values evolve in the future, we will be looking for alternative ways of accessing and using products. We will want them to provide the exact same level of style and quality from pre-owned as from new, but with the joy of a back story, soul and heritage, says Jill Hawkins.

“Ownership is becoming less about having a thing for ourselves. And as we seek to only own things with meaning, the quality, pre-owned pieces that are filled with character, stories and memories will be more and more in demand.”

Jill Hawkins,
lifestyle futures expert, The Future Thief

Multiform secondhand kitchen finds new lease of life in Roskilde

Gitte Nilsson from Roskilde appreciates high quality and timeless design. Also in the kitchen. But the money was being used up in connection with the renovation of the family’s classic villa from the 50’s. Therefore, the family invested in a Multiform secondhand kitchen and have not regretted a single time.
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You don’t throw away a furniture classic either

Twenty-three years ago, Kim and his family bought a Multiform kitchen for their house in Aabybro, Denmark. Now that the children have grown up and flown the nest, the house is being renovated. The kitchen is being opened up, but the original Multiform kitchen cabinets will live on in an upgraded version and new set-up.
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If you want to sell your used Multiform kitchen, it would be beneficial for both you and the future owner for you to describe the following in your advertisement:

  • Product type, e.g. kitchen, bathroom, utility room, wardrobe
  • Model, e.g. Form 1. Find the series here in the menu under Hand-crafted kitchen.
  • Materials, e.g. type of wood, finish or colour
  • Worktop, e.g. material, colour, sink
  • Taps
  • Appliances
  • Specify the measurements of your kitchen. See more here.
  • Any conditions relating to disassembly and collection that the buyer must be aware of
  • Specific notes
  • Contact details so the buyer can get in touch with you

The form where you can describe your kitchen can be found here. Download the form in Word.

Multiform has been making handmade kitchen classics since 1982. We are therefore often able to help if you need to supplement a Multiform secondhand kitchen with additional cupboards, new handles, etc. You can find your nearest Multiform store here.

Make sure that you do your preparation work well to ensure that you buy a kitchen that fits your space and your needs. It is always a good idea to view a used kitchen before buying.

Take careful measurements in the room where the kitchen will be installed. It is essential for the kitchen to be optimally fitted out for everyday use. Check the measurements again. Are there any installations or other things that have to be moved (electricity, water and heating)? The building code requirements concerning distances for safe work in kitchens must be met, for example.

Are you unable to reuse the entire kitchen and only need parts of it? If, for example, you end up with too many cupboards, there could very well be others who would like to buy them from you.

Remember to agree with the seller how and when the kitchen will be disassembled and transported.

Celebrate becoming the new owner of a genuine kitchen classic from Multiform. A kitchen, filled with history and soul, which will now provide a new family with the backdrop for enjoying life.

About Multiform’s role

Multiform simply makes its website available for private individuals who would like to advertise their Multiform kitchens for sale, so that the kitchens can benefit others and create enjoyment in new homes.

The sale of used kitchens takes place between the private seller and the private buyer, is subject to the Danish Sale of Goods Act and can be considered a private sale.

The kitchens are not sold by Multiform and Multiform assumes no liability of any kind in respect of the seller or the buyer, including liability for the accuracy of the seller’s information, quality of the used kitchen, etc.  Complaints or objections from the parties concerning the kitchen and the parties’ transaction cannot under any circumstances be directed at Multiform. The buyer and seller must agree on the further details of the transaction, implement it and handle any conflicts themselves. Multiform is simply a facilitator by way of providing functions on the website to establish contact between the buyer and seller.

Multiform reserves the right to refuse to add a seller’s information to the website and may, at any time and with no liability, remove specific posts and information about kitchens from the website without providing a reason.

Multiform does not guarantee availability on the website, nor does it guarantee that there will not be any operating issues, the website may also be unavailable from time to time due to maintenance, etc. Errors may occur or the information provided by the seller and published on the website by Multiform may be incomplete. This will be corrected when Multiform has been made aware, but any liability for such errors, omissions and defects associated with the website itself is waived and the seller is encouraged to always check whether the information on the Multiform website concerning the seller’s kitchen is correct.

Multiform processes personal data about the seller in connection with the seller’s use of the Multiform service. Multiform’s Privacy Policy, available here, applies to the processing of such personal data.

Your responsibilities as a seller

You must have a genuine intention to sell if you wish to use the Multiform service. As a seller, you are responsible for ensuring that you own the kitchen you are advertising for sale and, as a seller, you are liable to the buyer pursuant to the requirements set down in law.

As a seller, you must ensure that you own the rights to the pictures of the kitchen that you submit and we recommend taking pictures that do not depict people. You are responsible for the information you submit and for ensuring it is correct. Important information, e.g. concerning damage or defects, must not be omitted. If you subsequently become aware of errors in the information about the kitchen on the Multiform website, please contact Multiform immediately so that it can be corrected. The fact that materials, etc., are submitted to Multiform and uploaded to the website by Multiform does not involve any clearing of rights or any assurance of any kind on the part of Multiform concerning the lawfulness of the use of the materials. We expect that you, as a seller, will handle enquiries from potential buyers in a respectful and serious manner. As a seller, you may not give potential buyers the impression that you are a Multiform employee, agent or reseller or that you, in any way, represent or are authorised to enter into agreements on behalf of Multiform.

When the kitchen has sold or you no longer wish the information to be available on the Multiform website, please contact Multiform as soon as possible so that we can remove the content, so that you no longer receive enquiries from interested buyers.