Case / Form 2 / Falsterbro

This kitchen is a lesson in practical colour theory, where you masterfully draw on the principles of Itten’s colour theory and make complementary colours central to the expression. The high cabinet doors are made of the exquisite Oregon Pine, which is characterized by the regular veining and stands in elegant contrast to the oxidized base fronts.

In addition, the kitchen displays an interesting tactile experience by making use of surfaces with different finishes and textures.


Materials /

Copper and Oregon Pine

Design /

Form 2

“A kitchen is not just about practicality and functionality. It is also about daily enjoyment.”

Carsten Michelsen, Designer

All Multiform drawers and trays are custom-made and created with dovetail tapped joints, which is the strongest wood joinery. The fine maple is especially bright, as it is a specially selected quality.

Oregon Pine and other special woods and finishes can be developed and finished according to the architect’s or builder’s individual wishes.