Case / Form 1 / Malmö

In this classic kitchen, a modern expression is established through the interplay between the vertical and horizontal lines, in the choice of materials and in the contrast that invites the eye deeper into the room and thus creates movement.

The quartzite stone enfolds the kitchen island with the solid oak fronts, thus creating an elegant pairing of stone and wood.


Materials /

Oak and quartzite + chalk white Eg og marmor

Design /

Form 1 and Form 2

“A kitchen is not just about practicality and functionality. It is also about daily enjoyment.”

Carsten Michelsen, Designer

The light character of the stone highlights the bright structure of the oak. Oak, in contrast to for example maple, can vary in tone. By using the same veneer sheet on top of the solid wood fronts, the variation is subdued, and we achieve a restrained and unique expression.

The solid wooden frame of Form 1, which is built into the body, forms a refined and distinct transition between the horizontal fronts and vertical doors.