Case / Form 45 / Reykjavik

Where you usually introduce wood to create warmth in an environment that is dominated by hard materials such as steel, you go a different direction with this kitchen. Here, the black-oxidized steel adds warmth and texture to the flat-cut European oak, which in this context appears cool.

The steel creates contrasts that draws out the Nordic expression in a more international direction. That feeling is supported by the high cabinet wall, which with an exciting third division, creates individual compartments with different functions.

Our surfaces in black oxidized steel are of extremely high quality and have a unique finish that shimmer elegantly. The characterful steel has a beautiful appearance with its unique surface treatment, meticulously bent edges and specially welded corners.

We can customize, build, clad and decorate all our cabinets with a comprehensive selection of beautiful woods, colours, metals and special surfaces with extra durability and matte gloss. This allows us to personalize the design according to even the most specific wishes and functions.


Materials /

Black oxidized steel, incandescent steel, oak and black oak

Design /

Carsten Michelsen, 1997

“A kitchen is not just about practicality and functionality. It is also about daily enjoyment.”

Carsten Michelsen, Designer