Case / Form 1 / Sivholm

In a wonderful alternation between subtle and bold, a modern expression is created, which rests on a classic foundation of solid materials. Strong contrast and asymmetry create architectural direction for the entire room. The bright, tall cabinets form an understated frame around the kitchen island’s dark marble, which in the asymmetrical location adds a surprisingly bright statement.

Shop: Multiform Copenhagen


Materials /

Black oak and marble + chalk white

Design /

Form 1 og Form 2

as with fashion, interior design is a sensuous play with patterns, offsets, open and closed shapes. Complex composite volumes, surfaces and geometries provide excitement and mood.

With its characteristic tight grid, Form 1 offers obvious possibilities for combining more organic patterns. This way the free, organic stone pattern provides a counterpoint to the repetitive rhythm of the elements.

The design of the kitchen interacts with the architecture and its interior creating an irresistible result.