Case / Form 6 / Struer

In this kitchen, a unique balance is maintained through intriguing opposites. The clear veined pattern on the continuous fronts in flat-cut American walnut adds a drama that is contrasted by the calmness of the steel table top.

The warmth of the wood is complemented by the coolness of the steel, and prominent colours are accentuated by complementary colours. The modern kitchen is in itself a counterpoint to the house’s classic heritage and thus adds a contemporary feel to the entire home.


Materials /

Walnut and Steel

Design /

Form 6

Walnut is every carpenter’s dream and has always been a stable, essential part of Multiform’s range. The refined expression of the walnut wood has in recent years become more popular as has the increased interest in Danish furniture design from the 20th century, where it was a preferred material. That is why the type of wood matches all the well-known Danish furniture and design classics.



Our veneer workshop carefully adapts patterns and expression of the wood to the individual dimensions of drawers and the entire length of the kitchen, so that everything fits perfectly in detail and wholeness. The solid grips are built into the fronts as an integral part of the design.