Case / Form 2 / Malmö

The simple expression adds both drama and dynamism drawing from the flatcut walnut that characterizes this kitchen. The clean lines establish expectations that are challenged and thus creating small artistic breaks.

This applies, for example, to the wine refrigerator, which clearly breaks the rhythm of the tall cabinets, creating movement in the space. The warmth of the wood is balanced by the industrial table top, which is made of solid polished flat steel.


Materials /

Walnut and Steel

Design /

Form 2

“A kitchen is not only about practicality and functionality. It’s also about the daily enjoyment.”

Carsten Michelsen, Designer

The very vibrant nature of walnut wood is due to the wood’s natural contrasts between light and dark patterns. Over time, the wood becomes a little brighter and less red and may resemble oak more.


Every flatcut and veneered drawer front is built with integrated solid wooden edges. In this case, the built-in frame is American walnut. Simple, clear shapes establish a calm expression. The table top in solid flat steel with a brushed finish can be combined with matching rod handles