Case / Form 6 / Aabybro

The clear-cut boundaries are a defining feature of this kitchen. The dimensions of the room invites larger furniture that, despite dark tones, doesn’t appear overpowering, and the kitchen remains cohesive and consistent with its lines.

The dark tones of the kitchen also create a natural connection between the bright walls and the dark floor. Colour and choice of materials help to combine the raw qualities of the room with the elegance of the kitchen, and the table top in solid light oak adds warmth; it helps to create balance.


Materials /

Dark grey and oak

Design /

Form 6

“It was important for me that the kitchen became more than ‘just’ a kitchen but, instead, an integrated part of the house. The open plan kitchen-diner is a high-ceilinged space that is openly connected with the rest of the house – it’s not far to anywhere from here.”


We paint all NCS and RAL-colours. Dark gray NCS is just one colour option among thousands of options. We are always ready to help with measurements and finding the right colours for the decor in question.

Individuality, sensuality and interpretation of the entire room and the smallest detail of the interior design are paramount to our professional designers and architects.