Case / Form 45 / Stavanger

A mysterious calmness of understated luxury is established when Form 45 is made of flat-cut black oak. The dark colours and the stringent geometry create calm in an otherwise complex space.

The wood grain pattern on the continuous fronts creates an interesting counterpoint to the static monolith figure, and the matching colours on the wall tie the whole experience elegantly together.


Materials /

Black oak and ceramics

Design /

Form 45

“The home is a result of the qualities of emptiness, but also of a couple with a strong aesthetic will.”

Mikal Hafsahl, Arkitekt

The clear and sharp forms elicit connection with early European Cubism in painting, architecture and design. The simple forms add an honest and powerful expression.

The dark surfaces are integrated in the house and have a high level of detail and complexity, but are deliberately downplayed in relation to the light wooden slats and the solid plank floor. A precise combination and delicate mastery of both artificial light and daylight is an important aspect of the decor.