Case / Form 6 / Rønde

Here, the pure white lines are integrated with walls and ceilings and are thus woven together with the architecture of the house. This way, the kitchen is not perceived as an inserted element. Discretion is supported by the choice of colour or rather to avoid redundancy.

The humble matte white surfaces speak an unpretentious but elegant language that leaves room for the more raw expression of the walls and floor. It is a kitchen that combines ultra-minimalism with ultra-functionality.


Materials /

White and og corian

Design /

Form 6

Note that the distinctive Form 6 spacer profiles are continuous and span multiple elements to avoid visible joints. The interplay between the sharp, thin and wide lines establish a beautiful graphic style.

The modular high cabinet wall has been selected in Form 6 because of its vertical fully integrated spacer profiles, which accentuates the rhythm and emphasizes the structural expression, integrating the cabinets as an independent part of the house.



The white matte surface is extra durable due to the thick polyester lacquer, which also feels comfortable to the touch. The white elements are therefore very suitable for installation in rooms where durability and tactility are a priority.