Case / Form 6 / Vejle

Luxurious does not necessarily mean old-fashioned. The elegant fronts of Form 6 offers modern functionality without compromising the house’s original composition. The elements in black oak evoke associations with the golden age of Danish furniture in the middle of the 20th century.

The solid expression is repeated in the large kitchen island, which with matte sanded black granite serves as an important gathering point that can with stand wear and tear.




Materials /

Black oak and granite

Design /

Form 6

Natural materials such as wood and stone complement the parquet floors beautifully with their neutral, toned down shades.

Only the size of the house limits how large the kitchen can be created. A kitchen family room with space for conversation, breakfast, homework, play, buffet, tastings etc. is often desired. The well designed kitchen will be the family’s favourite gathering place.