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Søren Frichs Vej 23A
8000 Aarhus C

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Learn more about our high end kitchens and get inspired together with one of our Interior Designers in our Multiform Showroom.

Multiform Aarhus is close to the backyard where our first kitchen was manufactured almost 40 years ago in Vestergade. Today, our handmade kitchens are produced in Kibæk and even though it has developed from a small workshop to a large factory, we still use the old carpentry methods, which make our kitchens last for generations. This also underlines our design, as today we still sell a lot of our Form 1 kitchens, which was our first design.


“We are passionate about creating a kitchen full of life, love and joy. Room with balance. Balance between your own taste, the architecture of the home and the functionality. Solutions with the best and experienced use of materials, quality and details. When we experience that our customers daily enjoy the sublime quality and the through-processed functionality in their new kitchen – we are on target. ”

Come visit us at Søren Frichs Vej in Aarhus and get the whole experience of both kitchen classics in wood, our award-winning design in black oxidized steel and exclusive bathrooms in a timeless design.

Chris Jakobsen

Indehaver og indretningsarkitekt
Mobil: 2973 3515

Martin Ulrich Nielsen

Indehaver og indretningsarkitekt
Mobil: 7196 9011

Jesper Højlund Christensen

Indehaver og projektleder
Mobil: 5191 7168

Thomas Knudsen

Indehaver og indretningsarkitekt
Mobil: 2075 0506

Form 1 / Case Hørning

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and with a beautiful view of the nature around in Hørning. Here, the Form 1 kitchen is chosen in smoked oak, which draws nature’s materials inside, and enters into a dialogue with the surrounding space.